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The Pro-Evil Christian Vote



     Many Christians bemoan the growing tolerance towards - even the embracement of - things which God calls evil, things which Jesus teaches against.

     They shouldn't complain. In the USA there are many Christians. A great many Christians!!   Around 75% of American adults identify themselves as Christian.  If they voted as Christians, instead of as Democrats and Republicans, etc., then any political party would dare do little else but mirror each others positions concerning all things Christian. And the parties would be forced to avoid all positions which would cost them the Christian vote.

     If there are congressmen legislating evil behavior into legality and even respectability, there is only one reason for that: the political parties backing these Pro-Evil congressmen are confident that they will still get their fair share of the Christian vote, even if they trumpet their intention to tolerate, and in cases promote, what every Christian's Bible identifies as evil behavior.

     And they have been wise in assuming this, as it turns out. They have, indeed, been able to rest assured that the Pro-Evil Christian vote is able to offset the Pro-Godliness Christian vote.

     So, since we know Christians make up enough of the population to steer the whole boat in the direction of Jesus, it can't be argued that the roughly half of the Christians who try to oppose abortion, gay marriage, etc. with their vote are zero'd out by a good portion of the other half of the 'Christian' vote. Were the two halves united in their opposition to abortion, gay marriage, etc., (in fact, nearly anything - like war mongering, economic corruption, you name it) no political party would dare be strongly in favor of those things. They would be voted out of existence, functionally speaking, as their candidates lost election after election.

     Should Christians form a party, then?  No.  We should just 'vote the Bible'.  We believe in it, right?  And in the course of voting the teachings of God and Jesus, we would start bringing a more and more Godly sort of legislator to the fore as time passed.  So, we vote for the party that supports less of what is evil in God's eyes.  As time went by, I would think that first one party and then another would come to power.  In other words, just as restaurants tend to serve what the customers like to eat, I believe all parties would begin to tailor their party planks for victory. 

     We have legislated evil behavior into legitimacy in the United States because around half of all those calling themselves Christians have demanded it. Demanded it by voting for it.  In America, the Pro-Evil Christian vote is the one vote that Evil absolutely must have to survive.

     Christians, above all others, have reached out to embrace evil in this land.

     Next time you vote, consider that.  Does your vote matter?  If you are Christian (about 75% of the land says they are) it surely does - if we would vote Christian, that is. 

     Please take a Christian action by sharing it with other Christians or other Christ believing churches so more people can consider the great opportunity we have for preparing this land for Jesus, despite scriptures assurance that the final victory will have to be achieved through Jesus our Savior, not us.

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