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2013 A.D.:  GeoProphecy?:  Does Lake Huron Have An Oddly Appropriate Shape?

  The idea of GeoProphecy, a purely subjective idea, is that God may have shaped at least some land masses and water bodies and national borders in such a way that they formed pictures, when seen from space or on a map, which correlated very very well with that area's role in history, or the associations that the area came to have as human history played out.  It's about seeing the end from the beginning, a power that is only available to God or to those He lends it to.  And so, if it's a true occurrence, it would show God to be the Creator, and sovereign over the historical events and heritage of His creation.  It would be, in that case, yet another praise to the glory of God.

  This account looks at the shape of one of North America's great lakes....Lake Huron...which sits in the middle of a beautiful land that contains one on North America's most fearsome animals...the wolverine!  The state of Michigan borders Lake Huron, and Michigan is even known as 'the Wolverine State'.  

  So why does this matter?  Well...maybe Lake Huron is shaped quite a lot like a Wolverine, once you get to looking at it closely!  See what you think.

  First, here is a picture of the Great Lakes, which are on the border between Canada and the USA.  The darker colored lake is Lake Huron, and this is about how the lakes are oriented on the average map, with due North basically at the top. 

Lake Huron

  Below is a picture of Lake Huron on a map, but the picture is rotated counter-clockwise 90 degrees so that the wolverine-like shape of Lake Huron, though not altered, is viewed from the perspective that a land creature is normally seen.... while walking on the ground!

Lake Huron 

  Below is a depth map fo Lake Huron, and the almos piglike shape on it's 'back' is Georgian Bay.  (Canadian bacon?) Note how the depth lines on the Lake Huron map match the fur markings of a Wolverine to a degree.   

Lake Huron and Georgian Bay depth map

  Finally, here are pictures of wolverines....some of the toughest creatures on the planet.


wolverine in snow

  So, do you see a resemblance?  Perhaps God knew how much such a creature would catch people's imaginations.  Or, as always, maybe people can see resemblances where God didn't try to create a resemblance.  We can all decide that one for ourselves.  But in any case, God is our great Creator, Jesus is His Son and the Author of our Salvation, the only way for any man to be saved is through accepting Jesus' covenant offered through His blood.  And the Holy Spirit works to bridge man and God, working with us, softening our wicked hearts, bringing us into the knowledge of truth, and interceding for us with unutterable groans.  Three forms, of One True God, all of whom we thank! 




    I personally believe that realizing how many great deeds of God have actually occurred through out history will lead some people to be saved giving their life to Christ.  If you agree, then please, take the time to be a 'missionary', to love your neighbor enough to care about their soul.  Please mention and recommend visiting the Deeds of God website on any social media sites that you belong to.  Tell a favorite account to your friends or family, and tell them where you read it.  To know God is to stand in awe of Him, but too few people know Him today.  Accounts like these are yet another way to come to know Jesus and the Holy Father, and the Spirit of Truth that helps us understand.  Thank you.  Dan Curry

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