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2011 A.D.:  A Truly Intrigueing Pattern

  (Thumbnail for drawing is at bottom of text)

  This stuff started occurring to me the other night - 2011, 10th of July :)  Maybe others already have looked into it, but I hadn't put it together before.  And I still don't know exactly what I should get out of it.  But, I think I have to invoke the laws of statistical likelyhood and just say that this is very likely a pattern burned into history by God Almighty for some reason or another.  It's not a chance occurrence - it's just too unlikely.  It's one of the oddest patterns I've ever found in the Bible.

  Maybe it can become a new Bible trivia question.  

  Question:  What do Moses, Samson, Jesus, and 9-11 have in common? 

  Answer:  The number 3,000,  The word 'Penta', and associations with a bull or cow.  (Moses- broke the golden cow idol to pieces in the wilderness.  Samson - was from the tribe of Dan, and Dan was a city where the rebel King Jereboam placed a golden cow idol for people to focus on and worship.  Jesus was a seeming fulfillment, in part, of the Red Heifer ceremony from Moses's time.  Some have said that, at least.  9-11  - it happened in New York City, where Wall Street's bronze bull is famously located.) 

  And how do Hasidic Jews relate?  Well, it's all in the picture below, right or wrong.  They are God's people (part of the Jews, the Israelites) and they have those interesting sideburns.  They grow them different ways, some as spirals, though not all.  But I believe a crucified Christ is built into the human face and other places on the body.  So, if you look at at it a certain way, the eyebrows being Jesus's arms, it looks like Jesus is pushing outward on the sideburns.  Like Samson pushing against the pillars of the Phillistines temple, maybe.  Obviously subjective, but I've just become convinced of some of these things. 

  But, as for this appearance of words with 'penta' in them, and the number 3000, concerning the events in the picture below...that's not as subjective.  And it's pretty interesting that God directed history to present this 'riddle'.  What does it mean, exactly?  Does anyone have ideas about it?

  Is 'Penta' (which means 'five') tied up with the 5 pillars of Islam somehow?  Or how about this: Does the Sodom and Gomorrah account play in to this pattern also?  There was blindness involved, like with Samson who was blinded by the Philistines.  (In Sodom the homosexual townsmen there wanted to have sex with the handsome angels, but were blinded by the angels.  Then they couldn't find the door to Lot's house... 'the narrow door?'). 

  Earlier in Lot's history there were 5 kings (Penta-kings?) who kidnapped Lot, and cousin Abraham pursued the kings and defeated them. Abraham had 318 servants trained in war, and many scholars of the Bible have shown how that numerically pertains to Jesus. Abraham caught and defeated the 5 kings near the town of Dan (it would one day have a bull idol to worship, placed there by the great 'troubler of Israel', Jeraboam, who rebelled against King Solomon's son in his time).  Abraham rescued Lot and Lot's family, and all the loot that the 5 kings had stolen. (There is an old account - not in the Bible - holding that one of the 5 kings who's raiding army captured Lot was none other than Nimrod.  The one called Amraphel.  I wouldn't bank too heavily on that, however.  Yet...there is also an old account that before Abraham began wandering in faith, following God, he had already gotten into a scrape with Nimrod when he essentially told Nimrod that the idols Nimrod worshiped as Gods were nothing but frauds and were powerless.  Nimrod is supposed to have had Abraham thrown into a fire and burned for his impudence.  But when the flames had no affect on Abraham, Nimrod deemed it wiser to let him go.  This is obviously a story similar to the later occurences in the Book of Daniel, about 1500 years later.  Oops!  I digress, as they say.) 

  There was also the destruction of two things (the two towns - Sodom and Gomorrah) which correlates to the destruction of the two towers or the two pillars of Samson or the two snakes of the Pharoah's magicians.  Maybe even the displacing (or incorporation/fulfillment) of the Law and the Prophets by Jesus.  A lot of the 'elements' that you'll see on the picture below are elements involved with, or found in common with, the Sodom and Gomorrah story, which is the oldest of these accounts.   

  Or does it point to something else?  Pretty mysterious! 

  I don't know if everyone really knows this, but a eerily beautiful and symmetrical 'Christian cross' was found in the rubble of the collapsed 911 twin towers.  It was made of the steel beams that reinforced the buildings, but it was so perfect that it has been an object of great faith to many who lost loved ones that day.  If you look up '911 cross' or similar you will find many pictures of it.  It was moved to St. Peters church at one point.  It was found in the World Trade 6 pit.  

                                                                              Penta and 3000

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