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2012 A.D.:  Bible - a word that speaks of its meaning?

  Click thumbnail at bottom of this text and see if you can see the word Bible hidden in the depictions in the left column.  The '+' and '-' signs on the little tool bar above the picture can enlarge it or shrink it, and if you put your cursor on the picture and 'right click', you can rotate it however you like where it says the words 'rotate clockwise'

  Men were once given the Word of God on tablets of stone that God made on top of Mount Sinai, which were written upon by the finger of God.  But those tablets were broken, so Moses (the Leader of the Israelites/Jews) went back up the mountain with new stone tablets chiseled out of rock by Moses himself, and God wrote on those blank, man made tablets with his finger.  And that was the first Covenant of those God gave to man which consisted of written words, to my knowledge - that Covenant given to Moses.

  That Covenant man could not keep.  We proved too wicked.  We cannot or will not follow rules well!

  As for those actual stone tablets....they are caught up to somewhere by God I suppose.

  A second Covenant of Words was given between God and man, in the form of Jesus Christ, who is also called 'the Word'.  He brought the 'words of life'......the Gospel.  He brought a Covenant of hope, love and mercy, through committing to praising and thanking and loving and honoring and service, both towards God and towards each other.   

  This living stone - Jesus the Son of God - was broken by Jewish leadership also, but God showed His wisdom, and it was through the breaking of this stone that its power poured forth (metaphorically speaking) much like when Moses and Aaron struck the 'rock' God provided during their wandering in the Sinai, and when it split/broke, out came the life giving water.  The people who were about to die were suddenly saved.  So with the blood and water that the Roman spear brought forth from Jesus' side - it held the power to overcome sin and death.

  It was through the death of Jesus that the potency of this New Covenant was released.  Out came His blood as He hung there - a final and completely sufficient atonement for mankinds' sins was now available.  Out came water as well from the same spear hole in Jesus's side.  It symbolized the Holy Spirit who would lead men in the seeking of, the understanding of, and keeping of this New Covenant.

  Then, this new stone, Jesus, the stone the builders rejected, was taken up to Heaven - alive!! - and sits at the right hand of the Father, as His Father makes Jesus' enemies into a footstool for His feet, as men and women are born up to either seize upon or reject this last and most merciful Covenant which the Christians hold out to the others of the world.

  Here is an odd thing:  if you feel like it, you can imagine some of that being pictured by the letters in the word 'BIBLE'.  Take a look.  Click on this thumbnail.                                Choose Jesus! 


                                                                    the Word Bible

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