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A.D. 2007 - Famous Jewish Rabbi Decodes Messiah's Name


 Rabbi Kaduri


  A very revered Israeli Rabbi of the Kabbalah tradition died in January 2006. He was extremely old. Some reports say 106 years, others say as much as 112 or 113. He was originally a native of Baghdad. He was buried in Jerusalem's Givat Shaul cemetary, and an astounding 200,000 people are reported to have attended the funeral. In a nation of approximately 7,000,000 people that's just about 3% of the people. In the United States, with 307,000,000 people, such a 3% funeral would be attended by about 9,000,000 people,much more than the population of many states and far more people than have ever attended a U.S. funeral to my knowledge - point being: this guy was a very big deal in Israel. His name was Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri (Kadouri).

He did not seek notoriety, by all reports. But it apparently found him. He was very influential religiously and politically. He was sought out by thousands for blessings and healings. It's said that there were sometimes lines of people waiting at his home. Cancer healings, etc., were atributed to him in large numbers.

Politically, the Shas Party (an orthodox Jewish party) found his utterances to carry great weight. He supported relative dark horse candidate Moshe Katsav over the famous and well qualified Shimon Perez in the 2000 Israeli elections, saying that heaven favored Moshe, and all members of the Shas party voted for Katsav, who was elected.

In 1999 he worked to squelch a deal to return the Golan Heights to Syria, and it fell through.

In 1998 he cursed Saddam Hussein, saying 'Let fear fall upon them.' Whether he had any part in it I don't know, but the mass surrenderings in the Coalition v.s. Iraq war were notable, and we all watched the troops enter the empty square where Saddam's statue was located to find no Republican Gaurd there to defend this national symbol. The Iraqi forces are brave enough soldiers certainly. But they weren't there.

He's said to have predicted the Indonesian Tsunami of 2005 as well.

As mentioned he was invoved in Kabbalah, which is an interesting branch of the Jewish faith that contains some Egyptian elements and some ancient Babylonian elements. The Zohar (the book at the foundation of Kabbalah) is considered deep and somewhat dangerous, even by it's adherents. You're supposed to be a Jew over 40 years old to approach it's deeper subjects some sources say. Non-Jews, according to this very Rabbi, are not to be involved with Kabbalah.

So, that's a quick snapshot of the man. He also wore a cylindrical hat and had a long wispy two forked white beard, he smoked, and his failing voice could barely be heard in the year before he died. His family would bend down and listen to his whispers for people, at times, and relay for him. It's easy to find pictures of him on the internet.

But, here's the interesting developement: according to some sources the paper Israel Today has published a story saying there was a letter, written by Kaduri, which the dying Rabbi Kaduri asked be held for 1 year after his death before it ever be opened. It has now been opened, and if it is not a fake, fraud, or forgery it certainly is kind of a bombshell. He gives the name of the Moshiac (Messiah to English speakers) as Yehoshua. In Aramaic that is rendered Yeshua. In English we could just say Jesus. He left a sentence on the letter which is said to basically say, if it had been written in English, "He will lift the people and prove that His word and law are valid" But, if written in Hebrew, it requires fewer words to say it, and the first letters of those 6 words form the name of the Moshiac, the Rabbi's letter informs the reader. Yehoshua!

He reportedly also said he actually met the Messiah on Nov 4, 2003, at which time he was given the name. He reportedly also had symbols of crosses on many of his last writings, which symbol the Jews avoid using due to it's Christian associations. His followers are at a loss to explain the crosses. His closest relations and followers do say that he had many visions and dreams of the Moshiac in his final days.

Acording to the news, some of his family and followers are saying the letter is a forgery. Some are reluctantly affirming it's validity. Apparently no one argues the existence of the letter. It could hardly be called welcome news to the Jewish community if it is affirmed, as they are in a difficult position if the Messiah is Jesus.

Of course, as Christians we would like to tell them that Jesus does love them, and wishes them to have faith in Him, and that in the final days, they will be His favored people and their land His favored land and that, after being 'pierced to the soul' at finding out they were mistaken in His identity, they will joyfully receive His forgiveness and show more zeal for Him as Lord than perhaps even the Christians. (As when David returned from warring with Absalom and the tribes of Judah and Benjamin outshouted the other Israelite tribes in welcoming David back.)

This "MIGHT" be an interesting Deed of God in our time. Either way, Praise God!, and to Jesus let us say "Lord, we already believed!"

This is just a news story. It could possibly be a hoax, and of course it could be true.  And if the letter is real, the Rabbi could have been wrong about really meeting Jesus, deceived by the enemies of God, or perhaps he was not himself from illness. But coming from this Rabbi (who reportedly long believed he would live to meet the Messiah, incidentally) it is a pretty startling release, if legitimate.

  As a Christian I believe Jesus is the Messiah and the Son of God without any doubt.  So it does not seem startling to me to hear Jesus identified as the Messiah.  But for a revered Jewish Rabbi to have written this, a man whose life showed evidences of walking in some earthly favor with the real and living God, a man who seems to have been able to speak with God's backing and authority at times, it is quite a surprising proclamation.  

  It reminds a person of a Jewish man named Nicodemus from the gospels, meeting with Jesus in secret because he was not willing to openly admit his belief in Jesus as Messiah for fear of the ruling Jews of his day.  But, in the end, it looks like this man testified.   



    I personally believe that realizing how many great deeds of God have actually occurred through out history will lead some people to be saved giving their life to Christ.  If you agree, then please, take the time to be a 'missionary', to love your neighbor enough to care about their soul.  Please mention and recommend visiting the Deeds of God website on any social media sites that you belong to.  Tell a favorite account to your friends or family, and tell them where you read it.  To know God is to stand in awe of Him, but too few people know Him today.  Accounts like these are yet another way to come to know Jesus and the Holy Father, and the Spirit of Truth that helps us understand.  Thank you.  Dan Curry


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