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1776 A.D.:  They called it the Spirit of '76...the Spirit of Freedom.  But Didn't Jesus Bring Freedom First?


  One of the truly great things about being a Christian is that we have our roots in the Jewish faith and the Jews have theirs' in the Torah, the Five Books of Moses whose words were given to Moses personally by God.  Those books contain one thread of the story of creation beginning way back, as far back as you can go, at the very beginning of all of time and creation.  The Book of Genesis begins its narrative there, at the beginning of it all, with God (Yahweh) creating all things with and through His Son Jesus, though we are not told about Jesus' involvement there at that time in Genesis, but rather much later in the opening passages of another great book:  the Gospel of John.  Interlinking threads like that are everywhere throughout the Bible!

  So, to be brief in this account, the Bible relates that mankind's history from Adam, the first man, to Jesus is about a 4,000 year long story of mankind enslaving our own selves to sinfulness and disobedience and rebellion towards our Holy Father again and again and again.  Mankind's regrettable saga is one of self imposed servitude to sin and repeated offence to our God and Maker.  Much of it is described in the Torah, the rest is found in the Bible's other Old Testament books which we have through the Jews, though Jesus is not explicitly mentioned until later, in the New Testament books of the Bible, which books the Jews do not accept.  The Bible is the story of humanity, a 4,000 year long 'trail of tears' so to speak.  It's the story of mankind giving its collective soul over to the enemies of God.  It is sad.....truly tragic. 

  But at the end of all that time of failed trial a very great price was paid for our rescue.  Jesus was sent to clothe himself in the flesh of a man, to be born a baby and grow up as a man child, and then later as a grown man He taught us the teachings now found in the New Covenant described in the Bible's New Testament.  And then Jesus became an atoning sacrifice for our sins using His own fleshly being.  And the Father in Heaven accepted this atonement.  No higher price could have been paid for the atonement of sin.  This was God's son, precious to Him.  The other beings in Heaven - created beings - must have acknowledged its sufficiency as well. 

  Freedom had been purchased for the lost souls of such sinful men as were smart enough to grasp gratefully at this amazing and undeserved second chance.  Accept the Christian covenant under the terms it offered and your soul could avoid the flames and tortures of eternal damnation.  You could be accepted into Heaven for eternal life.  There was actual FREEDOM from sin through Jesus!  

  So then, about 5800 years after Adam the Bible chronology suggests, a certain British colony, which was coming to be called America, rebelled against England.  This new and unusual land wished to live in FREEDOM and wished to worship God and Jesus in FREEDOM!  And so,  for this dream they battled and fought, they suffered, many died and many were maimed as is ever true in great and terrible wars, but eventually they were granted victory.  The Spirit of '76 as they called it then (a spirit of being willing to risk everything to obtain true national freedom) was successful and an unusual land was birthed by Yahweh's allowance, and it seemed with His help as well.

  But here's the interesting nugget:  did you know that in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 3 a list of descendants from Adam to Jesus is given?  Yes, it is true.  Every generation, father to son to son, is listed, and at the one end of these numerous generations it names Jesus our Lord, saying that He was 'supposed' at that time by many to be the son of Joseph who was married to Mary.   

  According to this Luke chapter 3 genealogy if you named Adam as human number one, then Jesus was 'human' or 'Spirit' number 76.  (It actually names Jesus first and works backward through time, beginning at Luke 3:23) 

  He was the 75th descendent of Adam, following one particular branch of humanity, with every intervening male descendant's name listed.  Jesus, who was Spirit yet also flesh, Jesus who brought freedom from sin, was 'man' or 'Spirit' number 76.  And Jesus brought FREEDOM!  That number, '76, is associated with the Spirit of Freedom in the United States because we rebelled against what seemed like oppressing circumstances to our American ancestors, and declared our freedom in the year of our Lord 1776.  And we know that God guides all of human history, altering the hearts and intentions of rulers and kings as He sees fit to suit His purposes. 

  The Spirit of Freedom!  Jesus, the true and full Son of God, who came down to Earth and lived as a man, and taught and then died that some might live.  So that some might obtain.....FREEDOM!      


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