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Restored Israel Deeds

              1948 - God restores Israel to Nation Status and Arabs Attack

              The history of Modern Israel is pretty complex, and many persons and groups had a hand in preparing the stage for the regathering of God's chosen to their land.  There aren't as many good guys as you might like to believe either.  Both America and Britain, for instance, could have done more and gone further.  But it is still a strange and rare instance to find numerous nations cooperating to establish a homeless people in a land among existing neighbors that want nothing to do with them, based on a nearly 4000 year old land contract between God and Abraham.  But, God causes all things to work for His purposes.

              No sooner was the fledgling state of Israel declared than their Arab enemies moved in.  Some articles that can be read estimate Israel's military as being outnumbered nearly 100 to 1.  Yet they won, they repulsed their enemies, they survived.  As the math would suggest, there were things at work in the world that the Arabs had not counted on.  Several amazing instances occurred during this war.    

              Take one instance - where a commander named Moshe Dayan played a part.  Israel's military arsenal was ill equipped to say the least.  They had basically no artillery, and if you're facing tanks or armored vehicles, you wanted artillery in 1948.  Israel had 4 old Howitzers of circa 1870's design.  Syria arrived with 200 armored vehicles including about 45 tanks.  Four Howitzers v.s. 45 armored and well armed tanks is fairly termed an unfair match up.  A tank could be viewed as a mobile Howitzer really.  This armored column headed for Degonia, one of the oldest farm settlements in Israel from their recent colonizations.  So Israel's military command had two of their four Howitzers disassembled and rushed up to a point where they could be used against the 200 vehicle Syrian assault force with the 45 tanks. 

              The Howitzers were reassembled barely in time, as the enemy column arrived shortly there after.  A Howitzer was fired, a direct hit was made on the first Arab tank, and the Syrian forces, assuming their intelligence concerning Israeli strength must be faulty, retreated in a panic.  They had expected a cake walk, and in fact that's what it would have most likely been had they stayed and fought.  But they were put to flight by two old Howitzers.

              Another interesting conflict occurred when a small Israeli unit fighting near the town of Safed near the Sea of Galilee was facing over a thousand of the enemy.  A strong storm sprang up during it all, and the hard pressed Israeli troops decided on a bluffer's ruse.  They took some of their last reserves of gasoline and doused it all over about 4 dozen large empty barrels and rolled them down a hill towards their enemy in the darkness.  The unfamiliar sight, the loud sounds made by the hollow flaming barrels crashing against rocks as they descended, and the fury of the storm somehow put a fright into the Arab forces, and they fled this strange unknown weapon of the Israelis.

              Or another highly improbable success story:  An airport in a city called Lydda was held by Arab forces numbering over 5000.  A small band of 16 Israelis disguised themselves as Arabs and gained entry to the city.  Once inside they were able to spread out and cause so much commotion and calamity in various areas inside the city that it seemed as if a large attack was underway.  Arab troops began to mistakenly shoot at each other, which made it seem that even more Israeli forces were inside the city.  Most of the Arab soldiers fled the city in confusion.

              After this, Syrian forces regrouped near Galilee.  The small Israeli army, in makeshift armored vehicles, moved to try to defend the Galilean area.  But the fortunes of war are always mixed with a liberal dose of Murphy's law.  The Israeli's took a wrong turn.  They soon blundered across the border into Lebanon.  Rounding a bend in the road they drove head-on into a convoy of enemy supply vehicles.  The Israelis fired quickly, hitting the lead vehicle, which exploded and set the next vehicle (carrying explosive weapons) on fire.  This was too much for the convoy drivers, who abandoned their vehicles and fled.  The Israelis were suddenly in posession of a great number of valuable and badly needed military supplies, and they had deprived their enemy of the same.

              As if this wasn't enough amazing luck (Wink!) the forces threatening Galilee had received word that this accidental incursion into Lebanon was actually an Israeli invasion of Lebanon.  Unsure of their situation, they retreated to defend against such a possibility.

              And further into the realm of highly unlikely:  Eyptians were encamped in large numbers in a certain location, and Israeli's realized that according to scripture there ought to be an ancient road that actually crossed over rough hill country and came down upon the Egyptians position. They looked, and located the ancient and long neglected road.  Moving the occasional large boulder and landslide fom the intervening centuries they came upon the Egyptian position unexpectedly and it was a terrible loss for the Egyptians.

              The allied Arab invasion forces soon sensed that the war was becoming something of a disaster for them.  Within a couple of weeks they retreated, ending the active conflict.  When God chooses to establish a nation and it's borders it is unwise to oppose.  The United States once suffered a similiar humiliation-at-arms when trying to wage a war against Canada in what retrospectively was more or less an attempted land grab on the part of the US.  (My opinion only).  Canada fought bravely and well and certainly deserve credit for stepping up to meet the challenge, but something greater seemed to be in play.  Whatever the U.S. tried fell on its face.  It seemed to be a divinely doomed enterprise from the start.  God just was't having it.  Not on His watch!  And it's always God's watch. 

              July 12, 2006 Conflict:  Israel v.s. certain Lebanese militants and soldiers (mainly Hizbolluh group).  Nearly 4000 Hizbolluh missiles kill about 45 Israeli civilians total.

              Hizbolluh group captures and kills some Israelis, allegedly for the purpose of gaining captives to trade in return for captives of theirs held by Israel.  This lights off a conflict at the Northern border of Israel and Southern border of Lebanon in which a great number of Katyusha and other rockets were fired towards Israel, towards Israeli military positions and just at Israeli cities in general.

              Remembering that all deaths on both sides represent tragic losses to families and the destruction of people created by God, the numbers never the less seem remarkable.  Consider the following:

              About 1/3 of geographical Israel was within reach of the missiles fired, or about 2 million of Israels citizens.  By report, approximately 6000 Israeli homes were hit or damaged by missile fragments.

              About 3,950 missiles total were fired towards Israeli cities. 

              About 900 landed in urban areas, in areas of high civilian population concentration.

             About 45 Israeli civilian Jews, Christians, and Muslims were killed from these 3950 fairly powerful explosive missiles.  This represents about 87 missiles fired for each civilian casualty.  Or, mathematically, for each 20 of the particular 900 missiles that landed within their more densely populated cities about 1 Israeli civilian was killed somewhere in Israel.

              It is absolutely plausible that even 1 of the 3950+ missiles could have hit a classroom, a hospital, a church or synogogue, or a loaded city bus and killed more people than that all by itself.  A protracted military clash (more than a month) with a well armed enemy of Israel caused fewer fatalities than many train wrecks, bus crashes etc.

               Despite bomb shelters and take-cover actions by the citizens of Israel, this surely must be counted as an act of God, another extraordinary blanket of protection by God over his regathered Jewish people.  Stories came out of these missiles landing among parked cars and only harming the cars, or in alleys, or in empty street intersections.  In short, they repeatedly landed in the scattered places where they would do the least harm to people. 

              This does not diminish the sadness of all who lost loved ones, including about 120 Israeli soldiers who perished in their countries defense.  And Lebanon lost innocent people and soldiers and militants.  Yet it is almost beyond belief.  To deliver that sort of a pounding and cause only that many deaths should be a message to any enemy of Israel.  God is a mighty shield to his people.  Leave them alone!,



              Well, I hope you have enjoyed hearing some of the deeds of God, and that it has made you hungry to learn more of our Maker and His Son, and the Holy Spirit that aids men.  There's no substitute for reading the Bible, as God chose the words to be written in the original languages, and God foresaw the languages into which it would be translated, and was there at the time of the translations.  In short, the scriptures say it how God wanted it to be said.

              But there's no substitute for gathering with other believers either.  The Holy Spirit and Jesus will be among you then, and many people's personal testimonies are rich and amazing.

              I hope to add more to this site from time to time, so please visit back.  If you see any God serving reason for using what is written here, such as copying it or speaking it, etc., then please use it with all blessing.  Just do your own research first until you are satisfied it is a suitable recounting of the event please, so that any mistakes I made won't filter forward.  I'm no scholar, but wanted to compile some of the Deeds of the God I love and owe so much to.

              God Bless!!     

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