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2012 A.D.:  GeoProphecy?  Is Africa a skull, staring at Mombasa?

  GeoProphecy is only speculation.  It is looking to see if there are parts of the world that God Almighty built in a certain shape because the shape would one day be seen on a map, or from space, and would look like an identifiable object.  And that furthermore, the object would relate to the history or destiny of that area.

  It may be like seeing shapes in clouds....just imagination roaming free.  But, we don't have to be told that God saw the end from the beginning.  So, if He felt like doing it, He was certainly capable of doing it.  You decide. 

  This account relates to Africa.  Africa looks like a skull, some say.  The skull seems to have an 'eye':  Lake Victoria, named after Britain's longest reigning monarch, Queen Victoria.  The 'eye' seems to have a sighting line:  the border of Kenya and Tanzania.  And it's quite surprising what the sighting line seems to be looking at.  Click the thumbnail below to see what it may be!  Remember, GeoProphecy is speculation only.

  But.....there was the most interesting story that I ran into when I was researching this account.  I found it on Wikipedia when I searched "Mount Kilimanjaro".  It was concerning the first ascent of the mountain.

  A German geologist named Hans Meyer that lived near there tried twice to climb the mountain, but without success.  For his third attempt, he enlisted the help and experience of a celebrated Austrian mountaineer named Ludwig Purtscheller.  The rest of their expedition's manning consisted of 2 local headmen, 9 porters, a cook, and a guide.  To make a long story short, it was difficult, but they prevailed, and climbed the highest of the three volcanic peaks on top the mountain, the tallest lone standing mountain on Earth, on Oct 6, 1889.  It happened to be the birthday of Purtscheller, the famed mountaineer.  His 40th birthday.  40 is the Biblical number of trial under God's supervision, it seems like, so this is quite a coincidence.  But....the plot thickens!!  Below is an excerpt from the Wikipedia article:   

 "In 1989, the organizing committee of the 100-year celebration of the first ascent decided to award posthumous certificates to the African porter-guides who had accompanied Meyer and Purtscheller. One person in pictures or documents of the 1889 expedition was thought to match a living inhabitant of Marangu, Yohani Kinyala Lauwo. Lauwo did not know his own age nor did he remember Meyer or Purtscheller, but he remembered joining a Kilimanjaro expedition involving a Dutch doctor who lived near the mountain and not wearing shoes during the 8-day affair. Lauwo claimed that he had climbed the mountain 3 times before World War I. The committee concluded that he had been a member of Meyer's team and therefore must have been born around 1871.[16] Lauwo died on 10 May 1996 at the thus reconstructed world-record age of 124 or 125 and is now even often suggested as co-first-ascendant of Kilimanjaro."    (End of quote/excerpt from Wikipedia article titled "Mount Kilimanjaro".)

  So, if this is true, the world's highest free standing mountain was climbed on Oct 6, 1889, by one of the world's foremost mountain climbers (among others) on his 40th birthday (forty being the classic length of a Biblical period of supervised trial) and to make it stranger, one of the porters that also summited was alive 100 years later in a nearby village, and appears to have become the longest lived human being of all known modern history by the time he died on 10 May 1996.

  I thought "That sounds like something that God is directing for some specific reason if it is true at all."  So, I looked up the date 10 May 1996, the day Yohani Lauwo died, just to see what else might have transpired.  Guess what happened that day?!?  The worst climbing disaster, in terms of deaths, on Mount Everest (the world's highest peak, period) in all of Mount Everest's known history.  Eight people died!!

  And for what it's worth, a young man of Kenyan descent, said by suspicious birthers to have been born at a Mombasa Kenya hospital instead of in the United States, was just beginning his elected political career in the fine state of Illinois.  He would go on to reach what a few might consider the highest 'political summit' to which a politician can aspire:  President of the United States of America.  Of course, I am partial, being American. 

  The official word is that he was actually born in Hawaii, our 50th U.S. state.  Biblically, 50 is the number of completion of a cycle, completion of a period of time.  For the Jews under Mosaic law, every 50 years marked a great celebration called the year of Jubilee.  Debts were forgiven, normal work was not done, etc.  There are other associations that the number 50 has with 'completion' or 'fullness'.  The Book of Genesis has 50 chapters.  The U.S. has 50 states.  A Mosaic Law era Levite priest (a regular priest, not the High Priest) retired at 50 years of age, etc... 

  Hawaii is the 50th and final U.S. state, a state annexed (as a territory) by the 25th U.S. President, William McKinley.  McKinley was assassinated, perhaps as cosmic justice for annexing Hawaii without Hawaiian consent, but he has the honor of having his name placed upon the highest mountain in North America:  Mount McKinley in Alaska.... though the mountain is locally called Denali, a name that certain of the indigenous peoples of the area used for it.    

  Barack Obama was the first person of African descent (50% African I think) to reach the position of President, becoming the 44th President.  I, like a lot of people, was sort of happy for the black portion of the American population when Obama was elected (just because it seemed very due, or even long overdue) but of course he was a Democrat, and I was very sad for our nation in that respect.  But, then he turned out to be no ordinary Democrat either, but a man that seems to have a sense of mission to destroy from within the best part of what America used to be.   

  He will possibly have successfully destroyed America by the end of his first term via financial insanity, but if he is elected for a second term then - based on the pace of destruction in his first term - there is essentially no chance that America will survive his tenure as our leader.  The dirt will still be here, but the nation will no longer be anything like the nation which elected Obama.  We will be a morally shamed and financially stripped pathetic ruin of a land.    

  I am pretty sure that he is America's visitation - or at least a stage of it - from a deeply angry God.  Our nation's Democratic Party is evil to the core in its ideals, essentially in tune with a Satanic agenda, and presently large and in charge.  It is not trying to intentionally destroy our nation, because it lives here.  But its group intelligence is entirely divorced from both reality and any sense of obligation to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, through whom the United States has been solely blessed all of these preceding years.  Their party just has no understanding that America is great only so long as God decides it shall be.  The world ought to watch the United States will probably be a cautionary tale, a clinical presentation on what happens when a nation abandons the One True God. 

  It is, in Biblical terms, the ruin of the House of Joseph.  The change will be swift, deep, and ugly if we see two Obama terms, and there will be a fierce and terrible power struggle to see who will replace us.  And remember, we do not wage war with sticks and rocks these days, but with weapons that can make nations unlivable for years. The Democrats are far too evil, selfish, shallow, and silly to run a super power.  They push for open borders just because illegal aliens tend to vote Democrat, yet they also want a welfare state. everything held out to anyone willing to breach our laws and invade our land to sign up for the cash benefits that are so easily obtained.  It's a no limits free cash giveaway, designed to lure the sort of people who will travel thousands of miles to find a social system that they can readily milk to death for its benefits.  That's a population base sure to build a solid nation!!  I don't blame them for crashing our borders under such inviting circumstances, but the Democrats, who will do anything, no matter how injurious to their nation, in order to extend their power for even one more election cycle...?  Them I blame.  They were given one of the best nations ever and all they can think to do is carve steaks off the family milk cow while trying to force it to deliver ever more milk.  Democrat thinking is as direct a path to disaster as can be found anywhere on our planet.      

  In Democrat hands America is a nation in the grips of a bewildered and evil political party, a jolly, free spending,  irresponsible 'fun time partyers' party, not suitable for running so much as a roadside lemonade stand, taken as a whole.  (Well, I'm a little like that too, I guess)

  And the worst of it is that the stronger of our enemies can see such things as that in an instant.  If the destruction of America from within continues per the Obama plan you will have the classically dangerous situation of a nation destroyed morally and financially by its ruling faction, far too weak and childish to deal with tough customers in the world's meaner political arenas, yet holding the world's most formidable military hand.  The power to destroy continents in the hands of God defying evil Democrat libertines who are unwise in their dealings with those who bear them ill will.  Not good.  Not good at all.  Satan can surely and honestly say that he owns at least one political party in America lock, stock, and barrel.  That party simply cannot put enough bullet holes in America's foot to satisfy themselves.  

  It calls to mind a set of Siamese twins, one of which is both wildly insane and suicidal.  That is what it is like to be in a nation where one of the political parties is the Democratic Party.  But, God's will will always be enacted upon those with whom He is pleased, and those with whom He is not.  And praise be the Lord, however it turns out.                 

  President number 44.  Anciently, 44 B.C. was the year that the Island of Rhodes - famous for it's 'Collossus', the statue of Helios the Titan which straddled the entrance to one of it's city's harbors - was returned to the Roman Empire.  But the Collossus itself had been destroyed by a great earthquake much earlier, in 226 B.C.  The Book of Daniel also has a Collossus, but it is a representation of the successive empires of the human world, ending in it's feet.  The feet represent the end times empire.  A great stone, uncut by human hands, flies down from above and smashes onto the feet, and the whole collossus crumbles, and a wind arises and blows away the dust of the Collossus, leaving the rock.  That heavenly rock is Jesus, and in the Book of Daniel chapter 2 that rock then grows and grows until it fills the whole Earth and becomes an un-ending kingdom.   

  The number 44 is almost inextricably linked in the modern English speaking mind with the word 'Magnum', due to the 44 Magnum pistol, made especially famous by actor Clint Eastwood, who also spoke to a chair as if President Obama was seated in it during the 2012 Republican Convention in the United States.  (I'm just having some fun with how everything in this story is strangely inter-related.) Mr. Obama can be cheered if he wishes by the fact that 'Magnum' stems from the Latin 'Magnus', which means 'Great'!     

  And if President Obama were to have been born in Mombasa, by some odd chance, then how odd these things would be in some ways, with these strange land features seeming to point a finger at Mombasa, Kenya.  But with or without the Presidential angle (and God places whoever He wills for why ever He wishes at the heads of the various nations, so whatever the case, that's the case.  A Christian's job is just to pray for their leader to be Godly and to govern in God's will, in keeping with Jesus' teachings.) there is still a lot of apparent oddity to the whole aspect of Africa, the continent that looks like a skull, and which seems to have an eye, which seems to perhaps be focused on a certain historically interesting African town!    

  So, click on thumbnail below if you desire to see the GeoProphecy speculation. 

GeoProphecy Africa? 

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