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2012 A.D.:  Cyprus (a pointing hand and finger?) distinguishes Antioch!?!

Cyprus Points


  Cyprus is the island shown about 1 inch south west of the city of Antioch on this excellent little map I found on the internet.   

  Antioch is a very very distinguished city.  Especially if you think of Jesus' ministry as perhaps the chief event of human history, as I do.     

  1.) Scripture says that it was in Antioch that the word Christian was first used to denote Jesus' followers.

  2) Peter, upon whom Jesus said He would found His church, first was Bishop (or head of the church) at Antioch, not Rome. 

  3) Simon (or Simeon) of Cyrene, a man coming into town as Jesus was being led out to be crucified, was compelled by Roman soldiers to help our badly tortured and beaten Lord Jesus carry His cross for part of the way to the place of His crucifixion.  He was deeply changed by that experience.  He later became a leader at the Christian church of Antioch also, along with his sons.  

  So, did God the Father, who saw the end from the beginning, see it all from the time of creation?  Christians believe that 'yes, He did'.  Scripture says so also.  Did He design the good Island of Cyprus to be His faithful witness to all of mankind, but only towards the end of time when you could see it from above, that He had seen it coming - having to come - all along? The naming of Jesus' bride is a pretty big deal!  She was to be called 'the Christian church'.   

  Or, maybe you'll say that some islands just look like pointing hands and fingers, and every island that looks like a pointing finger is bound to have something out there that it 'points at'.  God always leaves room for doubt, so that there is room for faith, and room for the evil to go on being evil.  But again, sometimes it's just human imagination that sees such things.  What do you think? 

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