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 2010 A.D.:  The Global Warming Syndicate. Our Weather Wardens?  


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.  Ephesians 6:12  KJV



Q: Global warming???  With years of cooling weather now?    

   A:  Yeah yeah....but just keep sending us the money.  We've grown quite dependent on it, you know!

"As long as the earth lasts, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night shall not cease."  God, from Genesis chapter 8. 

  You have to wonder just how much assistance God actually needs to keep His planet, Earth, performing as He wishes it to.  What if these 'weather mafia' guys hadn't come along....would God have been in a real fix?  I think we should be good stewards of the Earth.  I like the idea of living green, and of reducing petroleum use.  I like protecting the environment from abuse.  But you know, I don't think this global warming group cares about that as much as they care about the power and profits they can attain through pretending to save us from ourselves.  I think there is nothing good actually behind it, so far as their intentions go. Nothing at all. 

  I think it's a power grab, pure and simple - an effort to dictate the location of production, therefore the labor price, and also the available quantity of goods, which affects how much you can charge for them in the store.  It's effectively an effort to gain world dominance over trade - the businessmen paying the scientists to produce a state of dread and panic in the human population so that they can come forward with their proposals to save God's Earth - proposals that will actually place them in charge of industry across the globe. 

  As proof that the Man-made Global Climate Disruption scam we are urged to be terrified about is, at the top level, no more than a hoax, consider that we were informed in 2007 A.D. by its allegedly well informed front man, Al Gore, that top prognosticators at that time believed the North Pole ice cap would be melted by the year 2030 A.D., and that some studies predicted it would more than likely be gone before 2014 A.D.  So, what happened in 2014 A.D.?  Was the North Polar ice cap melted...gone?  No.  It was not even close to gone. Not even remotely close.  And yet, where was the embarrassed abandonment of the whole ludicrous Man-made Global Climate Disruption theory?  If it was a scam, just a tool used by mega-rich con men to help obtain a goal, you can understand why they would keep trying to use the discredited tool.  They didn't have another tool of deception standing ready in the wings.  But if on the other hand they were true believers that this really was something that they saw as an approaching calamity, and then it fell so shamefully short as it did of proving itself genuine, then if he people at the top had been true and sincere believers, then they, being so genuinely sincere at heart, would have been shaken to their foundations at the horrendous failure of the predicted evidence to appear.  Sincere seekers follow the evidence and are effected by the evidence.  This group merely shifted into a higher gear, crying out their dire predictions all the louder and through even more media venues, warning that a group or groups must be formed and given ever more power if man and the planet were to be saved.

  True believers love truth, and turn aside when they see they are truly in the wrong.  That's because they are not trying to intentionally misinform.  The passion of true believers can be reduced - and certainly is not strengthened - by contradicting evidence because they are sincere people, not corrupt hucksters, and had not been intending to misinform.  True believers will tend to be confused by contradicting evidence, and will feel a need to re-evaluate their fundamental premises.  The Global Warming Syndicate of deceivers has not displayed that sort of confused behavior at all.  They are not expressing the shame and embarrassment of the proven false prophet, they are showing no discernable self doubt.  They are even doubling down on their failing and deflating claims.  And they are now trying to lay claim to any sort of severe weather what so ever as proof of their delusions.  The highs temperatures, the low temperatures, any storms, any tornadoes, the heavy rains, the droughts.  Any and all showy weather displays are now immediately co-opted to help them trudge forward wearing the camouflage of the liar towards their actual goal of greatly centralized political power being placed in their planet-saving hands.  And as for the scientists, the meteorological researchers, the gravy train is still bringing them funding so long as they keep trying to support the Weather Syndicate's nefarious claims through any data they can produce and provide, whether truthful or twisted. 

  If I was a scientist, a meteorologists...perhaps a glaciologist...I suppose I could recognize it if I could get paid the same price for fool's gold (Iron Pyrite) as for the real stuff!  Scientists too must finance their days upon this world.  They too have lives to live.  There are only so many weatherman jobs at the local news affiliates.        

  Shakedown artists don't necessarily care if some of their victims are starting to be onto their game so long as some others are not.  They feel well served to just keep on shaking so long as the coins keep tumbling out of some of their victims pockets.  As long as their scam is helping them move towards the attainment of their actual unspoken objective, as long as it advances their hidden agenda, they cannot act disappointed and taken aback as one might expect because they are in truth quite encouraged at any and all progress towards obtaining their true but hidden goal.  And so you witness, in such cases, people that continue on as if data and results had validated their claims when to everyone else's puzzlement, the results had contradicted those very claims.  Or at best supported them to only the smallest and totally non-alarming degree.  When you see such odd behavior you just know:  it is a scam.  Smart people are not encouraged by bad results.  They are discouraged by them.  Smart money people, funding folks, do not bet twice as much on a race horse that has come up lame since it last raced.  They look for more lucrative investments, not proven under performers.  Unless they are really a money laundering scheme, that is.            

  And besides, what qualifies these Weather Syndicate Scammers to get all this money to 'save the planet'?  Have they ever saved a planet before?  Again, it smacks of a sham.  Let's take a look at their job history! 

  Another thing, and in truth the most important point of all: hasn't God basically assured us that He can keep the planet - and its weather - operating just fine?  I think He has.  I think there is proof in the scriptures.

  There have been many natural cyclings of the planet's weather.  That's pretty well documented.   And some fair sized perturbations from volcanoes, sunflares, etc.  And at least once there actually was a real and cataclysmic global climate disruption.  It was a great flood which occurred in around the 2350 B.C. time frame.  According to Biblical chronology that's not a bad estimate, though it's just an estimate.  

  But 2000 years ago there was no extensive disagreement among major cultures:  there had been a devastating flood somewhere in that time frame of around 2300 B.C.  Literally hundreds of cultures around the earth retain some legend or remembrance of it.  Over 500 cultures have a legend or cultural memory of a Great Flood some sources have claimed.

 In the Bible it says that God brought the flood on because the world had grown wicked and violent, and had rejected God's teachings.  So, highly displeased, God had Noah and his sons build the ark as God specified its design to be.  They were to fill it with provisions, and at the determined time God sent animals in pairs to this large wooden ark.  The flood came.  All were destroyed of the land creatures except the animals on the ark.  When the family of Noah got out of the ark, we can presume they were in pretty great awe of the anger of the Lord. 

  Noah made the surprising move of offering holocost sacrifices of some clean animals and birds, and there weren't a lot of spare animals to go around. Noah had been directed to bring seven pairs of clean animals and birds, and one pair each of the animals which were not designated as being clean.  He sacrificed some of the animals that there were 7 pairs of.  

 That holocost was probably offered partly in thanks to God for sparing their family through the flood, but maybe in part it represented their hope that God was not still angry.  The good aroma of barbeque filled the air, and God smelled it.  It pleased Him.  (Remember, all creatures belong to God! He invented creatures. The force which makes any creature alive is God's own spirit, imparted to it.)

  From Genesis 8:21,22  :  "When the Lord smelled the sweet odor, he said to himself: "Never again will I doom the earth because of man, since the desires of man's heart are evil from the start, nor will I ever again strike down all living beings, as I have done."

"As long as the earth lasts, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease."

End quote.

  So, there we have it from a person in a position to ensure that His predictions come true:  So long as the earth lasts it will still be winter in its time, we will still have cold sometimes, we will still have a time for planting seeds and will still harvest them. It will not become too hot for that, this seems to say.  That's from the Holy Father.

  How about the teachings of our Savior?  Did Jesus foresee winter disappearing in our far distant day?  He was immensely wise himself, and had some very knowledgeable connections to say the least, right?  What was His opinion of the weather of the future?  Here is Jesus warning His Apostles about the coming but still future Great Tribulation

From Matthew 24: 15- 22   :

 "When you see the desolating abomination spoken of by Daniel the prophet standing in the holy place (let the reader understand), then those in Judea must flee to the mountains, a person on the house top must not go down to get things out of his house, a person in the field must not return to get his cloak.  Woe to pregnant women and nursing mothers in those days.  Pray that your flight not be in the winter or on the sabbath, for at that time there will be a great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until now, or ever will be.  And if those days had not been shortened, no one would be saved; but for the sake of the elect, they will be shortened."  

End Quote

  This speaks of the Great Tribulation which, here in this year 2010 A.D., has not yet come in full, if indeed it has begun at all. 

  Some think it speaks of the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., but if you read the rest of the following verses, some of which speak about the occurrences which will "immediately" (from verse 29) follow the verses shown above, it's obvious that those occurrences and signs did not "immediately" follow the 70 A.D. destruction of Jerusalem.  It says the sun will be darkened, the moon will not give its light, the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. So I think this passage clearly speaks of times yet to come. 

   Jesus, in these passages, used words that I think assure us of several things that will still be true, even at the time the Great Tribulation finally comes:

   There is still farming going on, and still fields of crops.  After all, He tells men that when they see the 'abominating desolation' they should not return from the fields to get their cloaks.  If there are fields, and men are in them, there is probably still a succession of seed times and harvests going on.  Otherwise there are just men hanging out in empty fields, I suppose.  Maybe they are enjoying time apart from their spouses? They apparently still need cloaks.  Maybe that suggests that the climate still provides rain and chilliness, maybe snow.

   There is still winter, and it's probably still a cold time of the year!  Otherwise, why pray that it won't be winter when you have to flee?  If the men and women of that time are suffering horribly from GLOBAL WARMING, then wouldn't the winter be the one time of the year when 'fleeing' wouldn't be such a hot and miserable affair?  There might be at least some small hint of coolness in the winter! But NO!  Jesus says to pray that it won't be winter.  Winter must be a bad time for traveling unprepared in that distant day (or is it now near?) 

  Our Lord seems unable to perceive the dangers that the One World Order gang wants us to both see, and wants us to pay them to correct.  Oh, we can be sure they will use the money responsibly, no doubt.  They have our interests at heart.  Sure, they will do some real scientific research.  But...if the data suggests that the threat level is either non-existent or doesn't justify funding their enterprise any further, you may trust that they will corrupt the data until it does!  Satan is behind every enterprise that involves having some level of power over everyone on the globe.  Not concerned scientists. They are the smoke screen. They probably enjoy the thought that their work might avert troubles for humanity, which is commendable and good. 

  There were some intercepted E-mails in 2009 between scientists discussing with each other how you had to construct the graphs a certain way in order to make it appear that the world was warming.....that's the sort of thing that's been necessary to conceal that there is a very wide spread farce being perpetrated against the public by these guys.  They're getting gigantic piles of money to fight this bogus threat.  They want to keep it flowing.

  When I watched the television reporters shivering and freezing in the terrible snow and bitter cold outside of the gathering of noted climatologists at the Global Climate Conference in Copenhaagen, Denmark in 2009, where they met to figure out what they were going to do about this horrible Global Warming and how they would save the planet, I wondered what they were going to do to try to rescue their farce.  It was obviously cold as could be.  What new face could they put on the matter to try to keep financially beleaguered nations tricked into funding their nefarious sham?  

  Now we have it:  They have announced that it is no longer to be called Global Warming, but it is now Global Climate Disruption that we fear!  Their rivers of international funding can continue to be extorted from the hapless taxpayers of the globe, because they no longer have to show evidence of warming.  It can just make out that any odd thing which happens with the weather is sure and certain evidence of Climate Disruption, and therefore the world owes them more money, and should pass more laws increasing their power.  How exciting for the people that they financially victimize! 

  And so, under the guise of doing wonderful and necessary things for the people of the world, they can build infrastructure in all nations (don't all nations have a stake in saving the climate?) to study and monitor the climate.  And if those same buildings and offices should one day prove useful to an emerging 'single world government', how handy it will be to find that they already have them at their disposal in just about every nation.

  And they can slowly and inexhonorably enact laws that put each and every industry and business on the leash of this same 'save the globe' group.  If the businesses and industries can't meet their ecological commitments or abide by the changing regulations, they can be shut down!  They stay open for business at the whim and only with the permission of the Climate Cartel /One World Order good old boys club. 

  Remember, it is Satan that wishes for one man to rule the world.  It is propheseyed that he will then enter that man and rule, in a great reign of evil.  Read 2nd Thessalonians.  It's only about 3 pages long.  It speaks of such a man, calling him 'that wicked' in some versions.

  It's a sneaky way to take over a planet, but so far effective.  We keep funneling money to those goof balls so they can gain control of our economies with the help of our own governments.  How dumb are we?  I mean, to the scientists, it's just a job.  Study the weather, get a good pay check.  But this is the smoke screen through which the industries are being taken financial hostage.  Jobs are available to the people, or not available to the people, depending on whether businesses are up and running, or forced to shut down due to not being able to meet ecological restraints. No jobs, no money.  No money, can't buy food, the house is cold, can't pay rent.  No food, people are desperate.  Desperate people agree to almost anything that solves their problems.  Presto!  You are calling the shots.  It doesn't have to be a complete take over.  Just a controlling interest.  From there, they can work to expand their control.  

  What about the data from so many weather stations showing rising temperature?  It's Oct 25, 2011 right now as I'm adding in this bit of information to this account on so called Global Warming.  I just read an article on the S8INT site (one of the internet's greatest sites, I think) where s8int was featuring a recent article by Oklahoma Professor David Deming.  Within s8int's article, it was mentioned that a man named Anthony Watts and some of his colleagues have been going around to meteorological data stations throughout the US, essentially surveying their accuracy, and they had surveyed over 82% of the stations at the time this following info was written, and their finding was that over 70% (of the 82% of US stations that they had thus far surveyed) produced temperature readings that were essentially off by greater than 2 degrees Celcius.  Most of the stations sensed and recorded a temperature that was artificially high, in many cases due to urbanization.  Concrete and asphalt laid down in the vicinity of the weather stations since they were first built have affected the temperatures read by the station in many cases.  Concrete and asphalt suck up and store heat, which makes it hotter around them both in the day and in the night time.  

  Buildings that have sprung up nearby to these stations reflect heat and light towards the weather stations as well..  Once they may have stood in 'grassy meadows' as the article pointed out, now they are all too often in an area growing increasingly urban.  Apparently there are a number of these stations that are even located near the exhaust ducts of buildings!

  Of the remaining 30% of the surveyed weather stations, the articles claim was that over 21% of those were off by at least 1 degree Celcius. 

  The same article said that the claimed rise in global temperature over the last 150 years is less than 1 degree Celcius.   

  So, if so many stations are off by 2 degrees Celcius, mostly in the upward direction due to changes (urbanization) around the location where the weather station is planted, and the supposed warming threat is a rise of 1 degree Celcius as read by these erroneus weather stations, why are we shoveling these guys mountains of money to study the problem?  Even this single problem, this weather station problem in and of itself, could be contributing substantially to the perception that the Earth is warming greatly.  Its input would be a misleading factor at any rate...a very misleading factor.         

 Are there solutions to this mess?  Many!  For one, why don't we keep working on reducing pollution and CO2 emissions, protecting species, and maintaining the wonderful ecology God created for us on this planet, etc., just because it makes good sense to do so?  And we also can cut funding and break all ties, via our governments various congresses and legislatures, with the One World Order gangsters that think the world should spin how they say it should.  Each nation can work on reducing emissions in its own way.  We can coach each other, try to persuade each other, advise each other, etc.  But let each nation paddle its own canoe.

  There is already a legitimate 'One World Order' on its way, from a far higher kingdom than our own, and a way way higher kingdom than these weather bafoons spawn from.  We would do much better finding ways to put ourself under that coming King's control, so we can enjoy the benefits of citizenship under that government, which will be the best this world has ever seen.  And of course I'm referring to Jesus.   

  Has anybody done a background check on these weather wienies?  Which other globes have they saved?  Amateurs!  Amateurs and frauds are what these guys are!  But we're something worse if we continue to be the dummies that fund their farce.  Global climate disruption?  We're paying someone to cry out that every storm, flood, drought and earth quake that God produces should result in more funding for these humanity hating global elitists?  Come on!!! 

  If you want the weather to be more favorable, pray to our God for that.  He is the master of all weather, and the cash and power greedy 'weather wienies club' are a Godless bunch of scam artists who have dark plans for their social lessers.  They think the globe should be in their hands, not God's.  And certainly not parceled out among their fellow humans, those base and graceless lessers struggling in ignorance and ignominious futility so far beneath the illustrious plane of existence dwelt in by the millionaires and billionaires that are behind the global weather scam.  Their sense of entitlement and rarified superiority assure them that they alone posess the wisdom to run a planet correctly. 

  But trust in this:  if this climate group is allowed to attain control of world commerce via controlling world industrial emissions, there will be nothing good come of that for the people that used to live on God's earth, but now live on 'theirs'.   

  While it's true that calamities will come upon the earth and its enviroment when the great tribulation occurs, the climate clowns will be helpless to stop those anyway.  God has an exemplary win/loss record in His battles against the little humans he formed.  Those who have openly opposed God have never fared well.  Not for long. 

  Unfortunate climate calamaties are firmly prophesied to occur.  We men have brought them down upon our own heads because we sin so incessantly, and do not rightly honor our Maker or his Son, Who have loved us so greatly and forgiven us so patiently.  

  The Lord alone has the authority to avert His own prophecies.  We cannot avert them against His will.  Those times of unequalled travail will come upon this planet.  God has let us know that it is His will that this will occur sometime at the end of the current age.  Some who are His own will not experience the worst of it, but most will experience at least great troubles until the last trump sounds.   

  It is also promised that a new earth will be formed sometime after God has spent His anger upon those who rebelled against Him, and has then installed Jesus His Son as King.  

  Allbull Warming.  Global Warming.  Don't they sound a little alike?  

*** September 20, 2011:  Oh Boy!!! It's still getting deeper!  The new Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World 13th Edition came out, and reportedly showed Greenland with about 15% less ice cap in their 2011 A.D. picture as in their 1999 A.D. picture of that large island.  Their depiction of Greenland showed land instead of ice in various long stretches along the coast, where formerly the ice cap had been.  Patently false, some of those in the know claim.  Apparently the erroneous data came from the US Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder Colorado, data gained from radar imaging techniques that they use - according to the claim made by Harper Collins publishers, who are associated with the Atlas' publication, and who, in a press release, made the '15% loss of ice cap' claim about Greenland. 

  But, as it turned out, it was the scientific community itself that reacted with such outrage (refreshing) that the publication  - after first asserting that their claims had been true - was forced to make an about face, an apology of sorts, and a retraction. 

  Apparently they had drawn newly emerged land where in fact no such thing existed...and had done so on a giant scale.  Apparently they had overstated the melt off just a bit.  How much?  Well, they showed 15% less ice.  Some scientists at the Perry Polar Research Institute at Cambridge University estimated the actual losses at .1%.  That is to say, 1/10th of 1% loss of ice cap.  The originally claimed loss was, in other words, 150 times more severe than the actual, if the claims of .1% actual loss are accurate.

  If Greenland has lost .1% of its ice cap in 12 years, that is a rate of 1% loss of ice cap in 120 years.  That would be a 10% loss of ice cap (still far far less than the originally claimed 15%!!) in 1200 years.  Well, guess what...about 800 years ago Greenland was ice free enough that there was a fairly successful colony of Scandinavians farming and living there, but they were finally shut down and driven out by the 'little ice age' that followed. Most believe that particular period of colonization was fully ended by a cooling climate and pirates and hostile Inuits by the early 1500's.  So, this rate of change we're seeing (if it is about a .1% loss of ice cap in 12 years) is far from unprecedented.  There was obviously about that much change, plus some, in previous times.  Hence, we are not in drastic need of any carbon based doom's day scenarios to explain it.  It's a cycle that has occurred before, within history's fairly recent memory.    

  These global warming goofballs are so ravenous for money and power that they spread misinformation on a global scale hoping to panic people into handing them the reigns of power over industry.  Shame on us if we are idiotic enough to send so much as a dollar their direction.  They are crooks and liars.  Just laugh at them and write your representatives - tell them to cut their funds.  They are probably on Satan's payroll anyway.  They'll survive.  Again, God made the world.  He has already stated through the prophets that it will not last forever.  So long as it does last, He is far more than capable of handling its weather.  As for being good stewards, yes, it's true we are entrusted with that responsibility.  But you can bet your last Carbon-unit that these guys, these self-appointed enlightened weather wardens, could care less about being stewards of anything much more than money and power.  ***  



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