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2015 A.D.:  Geo Prophecy?:  A Shadow Image Of A Giant Left Hand Emerges From Beneath Japan?



  The image above is a screenshot taken from Google Maps in the satellite mode.

  God, the word God, refers in English and some related languages to the Father Almighty, Yahweh to the Jewish people, whom Christians and some other faiths believe to be the Maker of All Things, including us!  This is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob/Israel and Moses, David, Solomon, and this is the Father of Jesus who is mankind's only possible savior from the fate we have earned for ourselves through our wrong doings.  In fact God spoke out loud from the heavens during Jesus' ministry on Earth, from the heavens, to express His delight in His son Jesus:  Matthew 3:17  "And a voice from heaven said, "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased."  " NIV Translation Bible

  Zilla is by chance a Hebrew word used as a girl's name; it means Shadow according to some sources explaining the original meaning of names.  As for that word's sound when spoken - its phonetic equivalent in Japanese - having any meaning in Japanese, I do not know, and when I researched it I found no words that were a perfect match phonetically.  But perhaps it does.  I'll hopefully get a chance to consult a fluent Japanese speaker before long, then I should know!

  Why bring all of this up?  Because there, in the ocean floor extending southwest from Japan and ending close to Palau, is an ocean bed feature, a massive one like no other on Earth in many ways, that could be taken because of its peculiar shape to be the shadowy imprint of a left hand about 1,000 miles long.  A very large left hand indeed.  And it is pretty detailed actually, having quite a number of specific 'hand' features.  It has a thumb with a very good thumbnail on the end.  It has joint wrinkles on the thumb where a thumb joint would be.  There are 'meta-carpal' type bone ridges on the back of the hand in the places that they ought to be.  The knuckles of the 'fist' are all pretty reasonably placed, though the one at the base of the little finger is almost out of sight with the way this left hand lays clenched.  It has quite a number of the features a person would expect to see on a likeness of a hand.   

  If God did place it there with the intent that we would one day see it as a 'hand' shape, was it to be seen as His hand?  Is it a 'Shadow' of the 'Hand of God', in a land that fears (in the cinema at least) a terrifying sea creature called Godzilla (God's-Zilah?) which, by hybridizing the English and the Hebrew, could almost mean 'God Shadow'?  Of course that is hybridizing the two languages, and may not be fair play.   And would it be the hand of God the Father, or of the Son Jesus, if indeed it was meant to be seen as a hand of God?  Here is perhaps the strangest piece of related data concerning this hand:  if it were the hand of Christ, we might perhaps expect to see a nail hole on the hand - some evidence of something like a deep nail hole.  Well, by chance or design, the deepest hole yet discovered on planet Earth is in the Pacific Ocean, and it in what is called the Marianas Trench.  It is over 36,000 feet deep.  Where is this hole located, you might ask?  It is on the edge of the back of this gigantic hand shape.  And a marine park has been established at a certain spot in the trench.  Where?  On the top, right up against the place where the small carpal bones in the base of the hand would be, if this shape really were a hand.  The world's deepest hole has a dot-like (because of the scale of it all) marine animal park established at a certain spot along its length, along the back of this feature that looks like the world's largest 'hand', a 'hand' that may have been created by the Father of us all to actually depict the hand of His Son Jesus, for all we know.  Fathom that!  Protection for created entities.  What Jesus did was for the protection (salvation) of the creation, for human-kind, but the Creation has also been groaning in anguish/expectation says the scripture, waiting for salvation to come. 


  But is there anymore evidence or suggestive evidence that might associate this hand with Christ?  Well, the Japanese word for Christ begins with a symbol called the 'Ki' in both the Katakana and the Naragana styles of Japanese writing.  The 'Ki' looks like a cross with two cross bars instead of one, as crosses in the Orthodox Christian churches are often depicted.  Why does that matter?  There seems to be pretty good likeness (not perfect, but pretty fair) of a Ki symbol built up into the ocean bed just above this 'hand'.  Yet I can perceive nothing else nearby that resembles any other Japanese alphabetical symbol.  Only this one, that looks like a cross, and begins the Japanese written name of Christ. 

  There were women named Mary at the foot of Jesus as He was there crucified and on display to heaven and Earth.  At least three different Mary's the scripture says.  And here, in the case of this 'hand', there are the Marianas Islands right there on the back of the 'hand'.  Those are 15 islands including Guam in the far south of the arc. 

  Jesus was crucified between two men.  Some sources say they were thieves, or that at least one of them was a thief.  So is there a thief association with this hand?  The Marianas islands were originally named 'the Thief Islands' in Spanish.  The Ladrone Islands.  When the Spanish first came in close with their ship the locals came out in their small water craft and scrambled aboard to investigate the visitors.  They weren't exactly hostile, but they stole a great deal of items, and then when they left they even took the ships little row boat.  This prompted a Spanish counter response of getting to the beach, finding the villages of the thieves, burning down dwellings in the village, and even killing some of them!  But they called the islands the Thief Islands because of this, before they were renamed after the very pious Catholic Habsburg Queen Maria II of Spain (but originally of Austria.)  But, to make a long story short, there are some interesting possible Christian associations with Christ's crucifixion where this giant 'hand' lays submerged!