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2012 A.D,:  GeoProphecy?  Do the Americas Look Like An Aztec Legend?

  I've read about the origins of the Aztecs in several places at different times, It is very interesting that they apparently kept track of their early origins, and did not seem to have altered them later when they grew into a mighty nation.  They were apparently a lowly wandering tribe journeying south in search of a homeland.  Then, a vision was received by someone in their tribe.  They were to travel until they saw an eagle holding a snake, on top of a cactus.  That's where they should settle.

  They say that they saw this very thing near modern day Mexico City, and so they settled there.  In time they grew in number and reputation until they were a mighty nation....the most powerful nation in their entire region at the time the Europeans arrived.  And their chief city had no rival in Europe, as the Europeans themselves admitted.

  Though followers of a bloody and pagan religion when they were conquered, and in receipt of many amazing supernatural signs that their Empire was in deep tropuble (see historical account from the 1500's here on 'Deeds of God') they are now a powerful Catholic Christian people in the midst of the Mexican nation.  Jesus has claimed many from among them as His own, we can suppose.

  Click on the thumbnail below to see the resemblance that the Americas might bear to this Aztec image.  Right Click on the image and choose ''rotate clock wise'' three times to orient it was scanned wrong.


  Aztec Legend and the Americas

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