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                                            God's Numbers 

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144,000: A Loaded Number 

for instance: 144,000 / 1440 = 100  (1,440 is the number of chromosomes - not chromosome pairs -  in the fern called the 'Adder's Tongue', which currently has the most of any known life form.  Note the name!  I wonder if it means something about the chosen?  

              or: 144,000 / (6x6x6)= 666.6666666......

              or:    144,000/2160      = 66.66666666......  (why does that matter?  2,160 miles is the diameter of the moon!  Jesus is like the moon in that He is the light that lights the darkness, it tells us in John chapter 1.  And 66 is an odd number that nearly always shows up in the Bible at places where the people of God are saved from disaster just in the nick of time.) 

              or:    144,000/1600      = 90  (white house address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.)  What is it with this number????

And the numbers on a roulette wheel, 1 thru 36, add up to 666.  We know 666 to be a number denoting bad things, but 6 is the number of man (we were created on the 6th day).

Our Father and Jesus were together when the creation was formed, it tells us in the Gospel of John Chapter 1, v.1-5:

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning."

"Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light has shined in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it."

So I acknowledge the greatness of them both, and the Spirit which the Father breathed out to enliven it all, when I say that there is tremendous magnificence in Creation, though it is only a formed thing, and not to be worshiped. There is simply no way for our intelligence to grasp the borders of what was done, and consider it all as a whole. Yet we are urged to consider creation. There are lessons in nature, in the things around us.

The study of creation has been divided into many categories by mankind, as we know. We try to study it, and learn about it. We have astronomy, geology, geography, botany, zoology, anatomy, biology, and their many other kindred branches of investigation.

There are some Christian believers engaged in all of those branches of study, and they openly affirm to the rest of us that, as knowledge within their fields advances, that there emerges a complexity that defies full comprehension, and a harmony that defies that complexity. It's a marvelous work and a wonder.

But there are bread crumbs left along the path for us to find in all the fields of study - things that it seems we were supposed to find and marvel over, or find and have 'aha!' moments over when we find them. It's like when a bear scratches a tree to say "I was here, and this is how high I can reach!" The Father has done that too, in many places in His creation.

One of these places is in the Word itself; he has placed the important and the obvious right there in plain sight within the pages of the Torah (I don't actually read Hebrew, I mean 'the Books of Moses') and the Bible as a whole. But beneath that quite sufficient topmost layer are other layers of insight and understanding to be found.

There are hints, there are ponderables, there are unlikely connections of one thing to another. There is a language of imagery, there is a language of names and their meanings, and there is a language of events caused by choices, followed by their consequences, which repeats in new clothing later in the scripture, perhaps several times, and reinforces lessons from before. Yet with variations.

There are many teachings in the Bible that are only apparent after you've read it for a while, and read it a few times. Yet, if you try too hard to 'crack the code' the words just laugh and dance away, at least until another day. The Bible is the study of a lifetime, though, again, you can get it's central message in one hearing.

But one area of scripture where a lot is concealed, or planted and somewhat revealed, is the math. God uses the math to teach us. Usually it's simple math, or maybe that's the only part of it I can see. But even with the simple math, it is a puzzle and a struggle to extract it's exact meaning.  

  Hence, because it offers so much connectivity with the thoughts of God, 'Biblical numerology' is a pursuit which intrigues many. But, it is also a path which can quickly grow too steep to walk.  I like it some myself at times, but only to a degree.  It's more of a love - hate relationship.  I admit that it gets too deep for me very quickly, and sometimes I clearly see that any concentrated study of Biblical numerology will soon enough cause the mind - my mind at least - to collapse into a strange and senseless grasping at connections that are simply too many and too much to deal with. 

  I truly believe that a smarter man would find more patterns than I have, perhaps many more, but that no man can reach to every level of the complexity the Bible holds.  I think that the scriptures openly mock the one who delves too deep, yet continually holds out hints of deeper meanings to us all anyway, making us wish to dig deeper despite knowing that it only ends in our floundering around lost in the high knowledge of God.  It is a puzzle that God unlocks to each person at whatever level He decides is right for that person, or useful for His purposes.  Maybe it's best to ignore Biblical numerology, but God did use numbers in mysterious and meaningful ways in the scripture.  So, for better or for worse, here's a peek at the behemoth.     

  Here's a few numbers and 'number relationships' to look at and ponder. Maybe you'll make a discovery as well! Some new nugget of truth that no one else has noticed yet, or which is now forgotten.  I do believe that everyone can discover something in the Bible that no other person has noticed:


First, consider the number 144,000, from Revelation chapter 7. This number is the number of a certain group of heaven-marked and saved persons - the servants of God - found in the Book of Revelation. There are 12,000 from most of the Israelite tribes. Just scroll down to the bottom of this article and back real quick, and see how many Biblically interesting factors are part of this number, then come back up the page.

**** (In the 144,000 saved people, 12,000 from nearly every tribe of Israel, there are not 12,000 from the tribe of Dan. Ephraim also is not mentioned by name, but Joseph is, and Manasseh is, so apparently the word Joseph suffices for Ephraim, as Joseph was the father of Ephraim and Manasseh both. As for Dan, that tribe may be in trouble - we just don't know. A possible clue is that they are the tribe which is propheseyed by the dying patriarch Jacob/Israel to become a judge to it's brothers. (Genesis 49:16) But the scriptures also say in another place 'Judge not, lest you be judged'. And the name Dan means 'judged' according to some translators. So, my guess is that the nation associated with Dan may not be included in this particular group because they have brought a judgement upon themselves. That's completely a guess, on my part. But there is usually one tribe not mentioned when the tribes are mentioned, and it's usually a different tribe each time. It's sort of a mystery as to why.)****

Anyway, 12 tribes times 12,000 from each tribe = 144,000. This number has so many numerical factors that have Biblical relevance that it seems to me to be an engineered number, chosen by God specifically. Here are examples of some of it's factors:

144,000 / 12 = 12,000 (12,000 men x 12 tribes) There were also 12 Apostles.  12 months in a year.

144,000 / 4 = 36,000 (They moved for 40 years in the Sinai with 3 tribes to the East, 3 to West, 3 to the North, and 3 to the South. So there were four groups surrounding the Levites, who stayed in the center, carrying the articles of the Tabernacle. The same Tribes were always to march along on their assigned compass-side of the Levites, despite which direction the group moved as a whole. So they were kind of like the 4 faced creature (Lion face, Ox face, Eagle face, Man face) with eyes everywhere upon it, which sits in heaven before the throne of God giving God constant glory, saying 'Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.' (Rev 4: 6-8.) Or like the creatures of Ezekiel chapter 4, which had the same faces, and also kept their place as they moved.  It is like the Christian church, moving through the centuries.  Rome to the west, Constantinope to the East, and Egypt and Syria following along like handmaid churches, with Jerusalem in the middle.  Or maybe not!! 

144,000 / 40 = 3,600

40 is about testing, training, getting ready.  Jesus fasted for 40 days, tempted by Satan.  But at the same time, angels attended Him.  40 is trial under supervision.  40 is how many years the children of Israel, who escaped Egypt as slaves, wandered in the Sinai Desert as they became a nation.  But God travelled before them as either a pillar of flame or a cloud as they travelled.  So again, they were under supervision.  'Sinai' has 'Sin' for it's root, and this is the name of a moon god. Evil Nimrod was sometimes shown as a 'moon god' by certain cultures.  And we use the word 'sin' today to denote evil behavior.  So just as Jesus wandered the wilderness/desert both in the presence of temptation and the presence of God's protecting angels, so also the Israelites wandered in the literal Desert of Sin and endured temptations to sin, while they were trained and guided by God and steeped in God's ways and wisdom. 

  For wandering Israel, when the old men (and old women I assume) were gone, replaced by new born men and women who had not known Egypt, then they were finally ready to inherit their land.  Yet when they went to inherit it, they still met resistance in all but a few instances. 

And for Jesus, when he had successfully endured his trial, he went forward to inherit what was promised him - his nation of followers (though all but a few of His Jewish countrymen resisted Him.)

 And for Christians, when the old man is gone, and the new man is in charge, you can go on to gather the rightful inheritance of a Christian:  fellow brothers and sisters won to Jesus through your love (though all but a few will resist.)

  3600 is, for one thing, the number of seconds in an hour. 

144,000 / 400 = 360 - or the inverse -

144,000 / 360 = 400.

   360 = a prophetic year, a Lord's year, the distance in degrees to go full circle.  Some believe that the original Earth year was 360 days long, but has since been affected by an astrological event or events.

   400 = the years of trial endured, the price paid, or the opposition faced, before returning to your promised home.

   For instance: Abraham pays Ephron of the Hittites 400 in silver to finally claim and own a small bit of land - his first mentioned land, and the only land he ever is said in the Bible to own.  The cost before the land is his?  The 400 in silver to secure and own a burial plot among strangers - (the Cave of Macphelah, whose location is known today.)  So, 400 must be given up to the sons of Ham before the land can be owned. (Hittites were a Hamitic people, like Egyptians/Mizraites).  Is this a Bible precedent being set here?  Something like 'Before you get your permanent land, you have to overcome something to do with the number 400 and something to do with Ham's descendents?'  Just a thought.  

Jacob returns home, or tries to, but must first face his confrontation with Esau, the brother he previously cheated out of his birthrite and his blessing, who has brought 400 armed men with him to meet Jacob's returning entourage.  (Esau had married daughters of Heth - Hittites, who as mentioned, were Hamitic.  Esau's mother, Rebecca, did not like them.) 

400 years the Israelites would 'spend in Egypt', under trial, but growing into a nation acceptable to God.  Egypt was founded by Mizraim.  He descended from Ham.

400 dissatisfied debtors banded together with David - (ostensibly in league with Israel's enemies the Philistines, who allegedly originated from Crete, that island being originally settled by Hamites.) - and these were David's rebel army. (Camp David is a Presidential getaway in the USA, whatever that may mean)

400 Virgins were spared from among the people of Jabesh Gilead, a city who's citizens were all else wise slaughtered for not participating in the punishment of the Benjamites. These were given to the remnant of the Benjamites, as wives, so that the now humbled Benjamites wouldn't disappear as a tribe.  (No Ham connection occurs to me here.) 

400 Pomegranetes in total graced the two great pillars - named Boaz and Joachin - which were at the entrance to the temple of Yahweh in Jerusalem (the Jewish Holy Temple). Israel had started out very zealous for God, and fruitful for God throughout their trials, but then they became corrupt, idolatrous, greedy, and immoral. Great fruitfulness - many seeds - are in pomegranites. 'Great fruitfulness' was brought down to the ground the day that Nebuchadnezzar sent his men to loot and destroy the temple that he had been brought under his dominion years before, and to knock down and cut apart those pillars....which were of bronze. Bronze is the metal associated with fire, let's remember.

The craftsmen who formed the pillars were sent by the King of Tyre - Hiram - who was a friend of both David and Solomon, and who was a Hamite.  The 'Masons' organization knows of Hyram Abiff.  

Just as a thought, Samson also pushed down two pillars when he was being harassed for sport inside the Phillistine temple of the false God Dagon.  That killed 'about 3,000' people. (Judges 16:27) And it caused his own death. But he killed a lot of his people's enemies as he died. These were Philistines he killed. Enemies of Israel. Those that intended to dominate Israel. He had been blinded, by events resulting from his association with a woman he had paired up with who had closer affiliations with - was more loyal to - the enemies of Samson's people than she was to Samson. For 1100 silver pieces from each of the Philistine lords, she betrayed her lover Samson.

So, to free associate the symbols a little bit:

400 can be related to Pomegranetes and Pomegranetes to fruitfulness (Pomegranetes have a ton of seeds inside of them).

Pomegranetes are related to the two pillars at the Jerusalem temple, which were destroyed by God's enemies the Babylonians (the name Babylon associates with false worship and God-opposing worship - that's where those things took root after the great flood, ancient writings claim.) 

God himself had sent the Babylonians - He was also using them as His tool, to punish His own people Judah, who had become enemies to Him by their corrupt and evil actions, especially their worshiping of the false gods of neighboring nations.  

At least Judah's goverment had become God's enemies (the priests and the rulers had gone rotten). So it was allowed by God that these two beautiful pillars of hollow bronze were knocked down, cut up, and hauled off to Babylon as loot.

Other pillars of a different sort had been knocked down, hundreds of years earlier, by Samson, an Israelite from the tribe of Dan. (the remnants of this tribe of Dan are thought to make up elements of today's Irish, Scottish,(therefore American), Danish, and Iranian peoples, with some Greek as well.  That seems to be the gist of most of the studies I read on the subject, anyway.)

Samson was devoted to God, dedicated to God from birth, a Nazarite, and strong, but prone to entangle himself with all the wrong sorts of women, and thereby harm himself.  He had lost his sight because of one of these women, Delilah, betraying him to the Philistines. Captured, he returned to God's grace while humbled and grinding grain as a Philistine slave.  His hair (the source of his strength) grew back, and he eventually destroyed a temple of these Phillistine enemies of Israel (the false god 'Dagon's' temple) by knocking down two of that temple's great supporting pillars as the Phillistines watched him be publically tormented for sport - just to show their power over him.  This caused the death of almost exactly 3000 Phillistine people.

This is like 9/11/2001, which caused almost exactly 3000 deaths in America, and knocked down two tall buildings (pillars) key to America's wealthy and powerful. If wealth is the 'American religion', then it might be said that Danites (supposedly Iran is the sponsor and supporter of much of the terrorism against the Western nations, and some descendents of the tribe of Dan live there in Iran today - the Dengli) knocked down two pillars of the Philistine temple (America as a nation emerged from the work done by our forefathers in Philadelphia.)  Again, two pillars knocked down in America caused the death of about 3,000, and it may have been a Danite of sorts that was involved (if any Iranians are Danites and if any Iranians were involved in the planning or execution, or if descendents of Dan from some other place somehow were involved in the terrorist act.)  And Samson the Danite caused about 3,000 deaths (Judges 16:27) in knocking down the two pillars.

Additionally it was some servant of the Philistines who put Samson's hands against the pillars, though Samson told the servant he just wanted to put his hands against the pilllars to rest.

Likewise, it was American flight instructors who taught the 9/11 terrorists to fly planes well enough to cause the destruction of the twin towers, which killed Americans.  Also likewise, the terrorists gave other reasons for why they wanted to learn to fly. 

9/11 killed 2,974 victims plus the 13 hijackers, some sources say.  Some people who believe in the Illuminati and the One World Order conspiracy say that our war with Al-Queida in Iraq was to display the strength of combined world militaries working together, and to give them practice working together.  In other words, to torment Al-Quida not really for what they did, but for sport, and to show the One World Government's growing power.  

They think the World Trade Center bombing was an inside job by the Illuminati people who run our nation, one reason being to make room for a bigger building they intend to build on that property.  But also to allow the creation of numerous departments and agencies that will allow stripping Americans of their freedoms and rights more easily.  Wild imaginings of fringe groups?  Or are there people who can see what's going on, and want to warn their countrymen?

400 people each year are on a certain list of America's wealthiest people in a prominent magazine.

Just for information, a great city called Babyon will be destroyed, it says in Revelation chapter 18. In v. 23 of that chapter, it tells us that her merchants (traders) were the 'world's great men'. Was she, that 'Babylon' -like nation, the 'world trade center', then? As in 'the center of world trade'?  This nation, whoever it is, thinks she 'sits as a queen, not a widow'. (Rev 18:7) A queen who is not a widow either began her reign as an unmarried woman, or engineered her seperation from her husband who was once the king, and rules seperately from him now. 

'All the Earth has drunk the maddenening wine of her adulteries' it says. (Rev 18:3) In one day her plagues will overtake her; death, mourning, and famine. She will be consumed by fire. (Rev 18:8). In other places she is likened to the great trading city of ancient times: Tyre. And America has been called 'the frontier' in it's day. American settlers settled the frontier. A new frontier. And Ephron was paid money for land (400 pieces of money) by Abraham, who wasn't where his permanent promised land was yet, but he needed a place to bury Sarah. Did he, Ephron, sell us Tier? Ephron's Tyre? America's biggest land purchase was from Napolean, from France. France sounds like Ephron's, in a way.  Especially the way the French pronounce it.

Odd side note involving 'sound-alikes' / homonyms, which sometimes I think God uses to give us hints:

Sarah, Abraham's wife, died in Canaan.

A certain people, the Acadians, were Catholic French Canadian's from Nova Scotia who left Canada to flee problems with the British in Canada, and they wandered, and were made unwelcome in first one place and another, then eventually many came to the Louisiana purchase country, many to the New Orleans area itself. 'Cajun's' are a related people to these. Note the similarity of Canadian and Acadian and Canaan.  Anciently, 'Akkadians' were a Semite people (meaning 'of Shem') as Abraham was.  They came from much the same area as Abraham. Probably from a city called Accad.  That ancient people sometimes had close relations with and were neighbors to the Hittites. Hittites is a word that stemmed from the word Heth, people say. 

These admittedly weak and conjectural links may hint at our American identity, typologically, as a type of modern 'Tyre', that great trading city of old, which lay off the coast of north of Israel.  Actual 'Tyre' was off the coast of today's Lebanon. In ancient times, Hiram of Tyre and King David were friends, and later, King Solomon and Hiram traded puzzles and riddles and were friends. Is this like America sharing Intelligence with Israel, and vice versa?  Anyway - nuff of that....

  The only point I can really make from these sorts of 'connections' is that it seems to me that America may be symbolically spoken of as 'Tyre' sometimes in Biblical prophecy.  Tyre and Israel traded riddles and puzzles in ancient times.  America and Israel trade intelligence in modern times.  America is known as a great trading nation.  Tyre was known as a great trading nation.  So, it's a possibility to consider.  Tyre was to become a place for the spreading of nets.  America is full of 'networks' today.  Phone networks, internet networks, surveillance networks from the various bureaus of our government that make it their business to spy upon American people's communications.  America may or may not be 'Tyre', but it certainly is a place for the 'spreading of nets'. 

  The numbers 3, 30, and 300 are said to be favorites of the Illuminati people involved with he 'One World Order' types of changes we're seeing emplaced today.  Supposedly, in their administrative structure, there is a 'Council of 3', a 'Council of 30', and a 'Council of 300'.  Oddly, King David had some of these same size groups as his close associates.   See 2 Samuel 23 for some of it.

***Speaking of this, it's kind of interesting how many connections you can make with the word 'Samuel' and the USA.  Both 'us' and 'usa' are in the word Samuel. 

Uncle 'Sam' is our national mascot.  The letters S - A - M....'Sam' are obviously in Samuel. 

'Uncle' in Hebrew is apparently pronounced 'Dod'.  In the USA, the D.O.D. is the Department of Defense, and we - good old Uncle Sam - have the worlds foremost military, which is headed by our Department of Defense. 

The word 'el' is in Samuel.  In Hebrew, the word 'El' refers to God, the Father Almighty.  And our money, in the USA, says 'In God We trust'.  So we identify our nation with God, and 'El' means God, and the letters E and L are in the word Samuel. 

Here's an 'oolie' (Navy parlance for strange fact) The scriptures warn not to harness an ox and an ass together for plowing. The United States Republican Party is symbolized by an elephant.  The scriptures warn not to try to harness an ass with an ox when plowing.  An Ass is also a Mule, (and the letters M U L and E are in Samuel) And the ass is the United States Democratic Party's symbol.  Thank President Andrew Jackson for being the inspirational figure.  They referred to him as an ass, and it stuck as the symbol of his political party.  Ox in Hebrew is 'Aleph'.  So we don't want to harness an ass with an aleph when plowing.  ('aleph' is pretty close to elephant, really).  The 'Elephant' is the symbol of the Republican Party, the other major political party in the USA right now.  Democrats and Republicans are similarly not too compatable in their respective views, and don't do well 'harnessed together'.

The letters for the word 'alms' are in both Samuel and Uncle Sam, and alms refers to money given to the needy.  The US is said to be the world's formost 'giving' nation.

'Sale' speaks of trade, or being a merchant.  We in the United States are perhaps the worlds foremost trading nation, or nearly.  The letters in Samuel hold s-a-l-e

A 'seal' is something God puts upon his servants, and we in America would claim and hope to be God's servants.  Again, we say 'In God We Trust'. 

I just think it begins to be quite a lot.  But it's one of those cases where 'the data can be made to say anything if you torture it long enough'.  ***     

Back to the topic:

But just as the Lady in Red precedes the Coming World Leader (in Revelations) , and after we see the Coming World Leader we will see Jesus (according to 2nd Thessalonians), in similar fashion 'ruddy' David precedes Adonijah (acknowledged as a King briefly and invalidly by a few conspiring rebels), and then came Solomon, who was meant to sit as the first King in the Temple era. 

 Maybe David was loved by God, like America was blessed by God, but maybe David did too many bloody deeds just as America has done too many wrong deeds.  I'm not sure the USA represents David, but it may.  It actually could be the state of Israel which represents David for all that I really know, but I don't believe that at all either.  

  Or something else, or someone else, or nothing is represented.  God only allows us to perceive so much of the things that may be hidden away in His Word.  And we should be concentrating mainly on the simple message anyway, not on mysterious things that we're likely to mis-interpret.  But, despite sure seems that David is both real and a 'type'.  Camp David is a getaway for our U.S. Presidents.  David was 'ruddy' which means 'reddish' usually.  We say the Republican states are 'red' states, and our 'Democrat states' are 'blue states'. Maybe a Republican America will precede the anti-Christ. All this is getting way out there though. Back to numbers.           

144,000 / 3 = 48,000

144,000 / 30 = 4,800

30 = betrayers, betrayal, betrayal price. Judah paid 30 pieces of silver to betray Jesus. Samson was betrayed and thereby put in debt for 30 garments. David, interestingly,  had 30 'mighty men' who followed him who were mentioned specifically in a group, by name.  These don't seem like betrayers, but from King Saul's perspective, they would have been. 

144,000 / 300 = 480 

480= the number of years from the rescue of Israel from Egypt to the day that Solomon began to build the Temple of Yahway, which his father David had gathered materials for.  (1 Kings 6)

300 = a number almost always associated with seeming to save or protect Israel or God's people when they are in the hands of their enemies.  Samson tied 300 Foxes tail to tail with a torch between them, lit, and sent them through the Philistine grain fields.  The Philistines oppressed Israel in Samson's day.

        Gideon went out with a large force of Israelites to oppose their oppressors, the Midianites, but though many were willing to fight on God's behalf for their land, God would allow only a few (300) to actually be in the battle, because he wanted it known that He was the one who actually won the battle for His people.

       Sparta was 'saved' by 300 at the battle of Thermopyle.  That would seem to be unrelated, except that Josephus, the 1st century Jewish historian, informs us that messages once passed between Sparta and the Jewish high priests concerning ancient writings they had found which showed that the Jews and the Spartans were related peoples.  The Jews sent the message.  The Spartans reviewed the Jewish evidence, checked their own records, and wrote back that they agreed, and wanted to establish a friendship.  So, when 300 saved the Spartans, they were saving some relations of the Jews, if this old writing is true.  

       Abishai, the Chief of a group of King David's warriors known as the 'the three', once killed 300 men with a spear. 

144,000/75 = 1,920

144,000 / 8 = 18,000

144,000 / 6 = 24,000

144,000 / 72 = 2,000

144,000 / 5 = 28,800

144,000 / 50 = 2,880

144,000 / 2 = 72,000

144,000 / 9 =16,000

144,000 / (6x6x6) = 666.666666666666666 etc.

also, concerning 666:  1+2+3+4....35+36 =666 .  So, 6x6 =36.  And if you add up the numbers 1 thru 36, that equals 666.  That's a numerical oddity in it's own right.

144,000 /(8+8+8) = 6,000 

Eight is considered Jesus' number.  The 'cutting off of the flesh of the son that gives life'  (i.e. - circumcision) was done on the 8th day of a male child's life, by command of God through the Mosaic laws.  There are other reasons as well.  6000 is the number of years (as supposed by some theologians) between the first day of creation and the appearance of Jesus as King and Ruler on Earth.  This is because it is said that with God, a day is like a thousand years.  And God specified that after the end of each 6th day, a day of rest would begin.  And Jesus is the 'rest' into which His chosen people will enter.

As for the three 8's, (the 8+8+8 factor) if we allow that the number 8 signifies Jesus, then we could notice that Jesus came and taught.  That could be the first appearance of '8'. 

Then he was crucified, yet miraculously rose from the dead, taught His Apostles for a while longer, then rose to sit by His Father in Heaven.  That was a 2nd appearance of '8'. 

And there will be a third appearance of Jesus, (at the end of the first 6000 years of creation according to some scholars, though that is by no means explicit in the scriptures), which would be a 3rd appearance of '8'.   Just a thought...probably a thought to ignore, in fact.

144,000 / 48 = 3,000

144,000 / 24 = 6,000


   Another Numerical Oddity:  117

   There are 117 chapters in Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and the Book of Acts. 

   There are 117 chapters in Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus.

   Those first 117 New Testament chapters introduce Jesus's new covenant teachings, and cover the general administrative details of how his people should now behave. 

   The second 117 Old Testament chapters basically do the same for the old covenant which was given through Moses.

   Both ended with 13 (tribes or Apostles) who belonged to God and were a people living apart from the rest of the world, gaurded ahead and behind by the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as they were formed into a Holy nation for Yahweh.           3 x 13 x 3 = 117  (Thirteen, gaurded by 3 behind and three ahead.  Just a thought....)

  Some sources hold that there are 117 chemical elements of which all things are composed.  There is a proposal by a certain team, however, that the 118th element has been identified.  Such claims have both succeeded and been proven false concerning past 'discoveries' of new elements.

  The numbers 70 and 40 and 7 appear in close association with each other in a few places in the scripture, and those numbers add up to 117.  

  One instance:

  Jacob/Israel dies in chapter 50 of Genesis (the number 50 usually marks the end of a great old cycle, and the beginning of a new one.)  Jacob is embalmed for 40 days (Gen 50:3), Egypt mourned for 70 days when he died (Gen 50:3), and Joseph held a personal 7 day vigil of mourning at the funeral location (Gen 50:10).  40 + 70 + 7 =117.

  Psalm 117 is the shortest of all Psalms.  " Praise the Lord, all nations.  Glorify Him, all peoples.  For great is His faithful love to us; the Lord's faithfulness endures forever.  Hallelujah! "  That is the entirety of Psalm 117


Here's one:  Perfect vision is 20/20 vision, right.

And although different numbers are used, Israel spent 400 years in Egypt as slaves.  Then they went to the promised land. (Yeah, I know they wandered 40 years, but first, they went to the promised land, spied it out, and the Israelites were too chicken to go take it, based on the frightened reports by all of the spies except Joshua and Caleb.)

Some think the USA is like a new Israel (10 of the tribes) and the nation of modern Israel is like a restored Judah (Judah and Benjamin).  Not necessarily a valid theory, but it does open up a neat possibility:

What if Paul's statement about 'now we see as through a glass, darkly, but then we will see clearly' is a reference to 20/20.  An optometric reference, so to speak) But meaning the year 2020 A.D.  Well, the Pilgrim's landed in the year 1620.  Add 400 years to that, and you get 2020.  The Israelites were 400 years in Egypt, then the promised land.  

Now, another place says that the Israelites were slaves in Egypt 230 years, instead of 400.  Let's look at that one, with respect to the USA.  Subtract 230 years from the year 2020 and you get 1790.  That's the year the USA's Constitution was approved.  If the people of the USA are 230 years in Egypt, then they enter the promised land, it could in this way be construed as the year 2020 that Jesus will come, or just before.  After all, the people have to have some travel time to join Jesus and the Jews in Israel.

If 7 years of horrors (tribulations) precede Jesus's coming, they need to start in about 2012 (late) or 2013 to finish about 2020.  Could this be the set up?  

One other place says 430 years in Egypt, then they left.  Moving backwards, from 2020 A.D., you would end up at the date 1590 A.D..  Will there be anything in American history relating to this?  Sort of......   The very successful Governor of the Separatist Colonists - the Pilgrims - was William Bradford.  Though not the first governor, he took over soon after arriving in America, and ruled wisely and successfully for about 30 years.  Like Squanto, he was crucial to the colony's survival.  For whatever it's worth, William Bradford was born in 1590 A.D.

Is this a 'crack theory'?  Yes.  Completely.  I'm just speculating in writing.  But, there is one other interesting link, of sorts.  The Mayflower compact lists 11 people named 'Mr.'  These are thought to have been the Separatists.  The rest of the 41 people didn't use the term 'Mr.' before their name.

So, in a sense, 11 came to 'Egypt' (the future USA) and were saved from starvation by an Indian named Squanto.  (Because the Pilgrims about starved to death their first winter, but Squanto came forth and showed them how to live.)

In the Genesis account, the brother named Joseph saved his other 11 brothers from starvation when they came to actual historic Egypt, where Joseph was an important man.

In the Genesis account, the 11 brothers didn't recognize Joseph as being one of their own.  He had changed in appearance.

Could Squanto have a similar story?  Turns out.....

Squanto had been captured in America, taken as a slave to Europe, and even ended up in England, learning the English language there.  Then he caught a ride back to America, once freed, upon a ship, only to find his people dead from a plague.

So, the man who helped the Pilgrims was an American Indian.  But he had not so long ago looked like them, while working in England.  Additionally, some religions, such as the Mormons, believe that the Indian tribes of North America, or at least many of them, derive their descent from Israelites from the tribe of guessed it...Joseph.  So just as 11 came to be saved by one who was their lost brother in Egypt, so, in a sense, 11 came to be saved by one who was their 'lost brother' near Plymouth Harbor in the Pilgrims struggling new colony.

Kind of strange how so many things correlate, or seem like they might anyway.

But, concerning Biblical numerology, remember this above all else.  It is too deep for us really.  It gives us glimpses, but it can also make you think in a way that is a little bit like a sort of madness.  So, ignore it, or take it with a grain of salt unless it comes from a better source than me!


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