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2011 A.D.  A Few More Images From Or Of The Human Body

  These are several images addressing structures on the body or inside the brain which may have been meant to symbolize something.  It's a short series of images, not all related to each other.  If you use the little plus or minus buttlons at the top of the images control screen, you can shrink or enlarge the images and make it handier to read, or to take it all in.

  Reproduction and reproductive organs are a touchy issue, because we are not holy beings, and are not pure of heart like God is.  I decided not to get into it too specifically, because Christians that look at these images will connect whatever dots that they care to.    Some - I hope all - will only see God's intellect and artistry if they see anything.  None of these images are meant to be profane. 

  I think God incorporated knowledge of Christ's ministry and Christ's mission into our anatomy in many places.  That includes reproductive organs.  But a Christian website - which this is - is only going to suggest that idea to people.  The Holy Spirit will help people decide if it's true or not.  I've come to believe that images of Christ and other salvation related images were built into the biological equipment that accomplishes human reproduction.  I think God did it.  I think it is Holy, not dirty.  But we people, unfortunately, well....most of us, myself more than most, are not too pure.  I suppose that's why God had us clothe ourselves.  But God certainly is pure.  And we are supposed to be as pure of heart and mind as we are able. 

  God certainly made no part of a human for profane or pornographic reasons.  Every part of us just serves some purpose that He determined was in need of being served.  The particular way He chose to design us was the way that pleased Him.  But even the smallest particulars of the human design had to be carefully coded into our DNA.  Even the smallest and most delicate parts are designed within parameters precisely provided for by God.    

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