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2011 A.D.:  Rome and the Pelvis?  There Seem To Be Some Correlations There!

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  I fully understand if you end up not agreeing with what you see here, or with any of these 6th Day pictures; this is just me trying to take an honest look, speculating, thinking that I see pictures designed by God built into the human design.  I've never heard God's voice on the matter, and I have prayed about it and asked Him to speak to me about it, but He hasn't done so with a voice in my ear. 

  I cannot say for certain that I've ever heard God's actual voice.  I've met many who say they have.  That would be a great experience!  Does God lead me when I investigate this subject?  I hope so!  I often pray to Him that He will!  And maybe He does. 

  Once, I thought that I saw something on the human tongue that He had meant me to see, so I posted it, and my tongue broke out horribly with sores.  I took it off - unposted it - after several days, and quickly I was better.  I'd never had my tongue break out like that before.  Quite a few days later I kept thinking that I saw this symbolism with the human tongue, so I second guessed myself, and reposted it.  My tongue broke out again...very painful.  When I deposted it the second time my tongue got better again quickly.  So, if God's ever spoken to me about one of these pictures, I guess that it was that one, which I've decided not to ever repost unless I get a very good insight about it that seems to be from the Holy Spirit.  I think there certainly is something symbolic on our tongue, but I guess I don't properly understand what it is. 

  Anyway, this picture may or may not be right, like all of the others.  I'm sharing what I think I see, and I do pray to God I'll see it right, but ....always use your own judgement.  I don't wish to mislead anyone. 

  The human body, in my current view, seems to not only be a functional wonder, but it seems to also depict pictures and symbols of Holy things.  I believe our unlimited God made our body into a tribute of sorts for Jesus and all He would do for us.  And also, to record the historically significant events that were to come.  It's may have been initially designed as a chronometer of sorts, in that respect.  Like a historical calendar, but predictive of the future rather than explanative of the past.  We are in the end times now, so from our perspective (if you believe this) our body's structure is now largely descriptive of past events.   

  That sort of thought (our body as a depiction of passing human history) is possibly supported by Daniel 2: 29-49.  There we see that God sent King Nebuchadnezzar a disturbing dream of a tall metal humanlike statue.  Daniel the young captive Hebrew prophet interpreted the meaning of the colossus for king Nebuchadnezzar.  The gold head and shoulders on top, Daniel said, represented Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar's own kingdom - the great kingdom of it's time), the silver chest represented the kingdom that would follow (the Persians and the Meades as it turned out), the bronze belly and thighs seem to have been the Greeks, the iron thighs and lower legs the Romans, and the 'iron mixed with clay' feet were to represent the end times, a kingdom where the basest people (the clay?) are somewhat enclosed in the matrix of iron (a stronger people, perhaps), and is also it is when Jesus will return from the heavens to end the old things and begin his reign as world ruler...a king reigning in Jerusalem. 

  So that is a Biblical example where a trip from head to toe on a human shape correlates to a trip through time.  That was a metallic collossus in a king's bad dream, but perhaps our very own human physical form also does this in a way that we can partially understand (looking backwards) but which God may someday show us to have been a highly detailed representation of the history of humanity and God's plan to reach our stubborn selfish hearts.

 I believe I only understand a very small part of it so far.  And maybe I'm just wrong.  If they even choose to look at it at all, good men and women will look, think, and through the promptings of the Holy Spirit it will seem true to them or false.  I admit that I personally feel very certain at this point that our physiology is, among other things, a living breathing prophecy and chock full of God's symbology.  But I am by no means certain that I have correctly guessed the meanings of these things built into the body.  My suspicion is that the human body holds way more symbological information than I can see now or ever will see.  But wow!...what an awe inspiring thing God has done if He has truly designed the major events of the human story right into our physical bodies.  Masterful!  Truly an act of power and sovereignty over us, one of the creations of His hands.     

  As you move from head to toe, I think you are also moving through time, with the higher parts of us being the more ancient occurrences and our feet being end times.  I believe that the account of Genesis really is completely accurate though God chose only to speak of certain things.  And I believe that the whole of time so far is around 6,000 years, just as the Bible generally gives us to deduce (though not to the exact year, so far as I can see) and just as some others studying the Bible have surmised.  I don't believe in compromising with scientists or Bible doubters unless the evidence is very strong, and I just don't believe there is any strong evidence to refute the Bible's accounts.  I just think that God's enemy Satan has worked hard to muddy the waters so that people would doubt the truth of God's words.

  As for this particular segment...this account...I currently think that the human pelvis is in the place on our body where - as you move downward - you are transitioning from the Greek empire to the Roman empire.  I believe I see many possible elements of Rome and of the crucifixion of Christ, of His body being stabbed by the Roman spear, and of the early Christian church and of early Christian history.  Christianity had it's birth between the commencement and demise of the Roman empire.  God determined to have Jesus's earthly life and ministry planted in Roman times, that much is certain.  

  So, if I think of those Roman times from a Christian perspective, I would expect to see Jesus crucified, things relating to his role as King, his role as 'the righteous son of God clothed in the flesh of man, sent to teach and to be sin personified' sent to swallow up the sins of mankind for those who would follow Him.  There might be symbols of Christian rites and of Christian persecution, perhaps something denoting the breakup of Rome into an Eastern and Western empire.  Blessed bread and wine denoting Christ's broken body and His shed blood.  These are things I should not be too surprised to see depicted in the pelvis if indeed it is to not only function, but to symbolize Christianity's Roman era birth and life on Earth.  So, as you look at the drawings, keep an open mind.

  Here is a tidbit to consider:  In Nebuchadnezzar's bad dream he was standing on the 'Plains of Dura'.  And that is where the 'rock not formed by human hands' came down in His dream.  Jesus came down during the Roman Empire, which was indeed an empire noted for it's use of steel.  On a body, I'm conjecturing that the pelvis correlates to the Roman Empires earlier centuries.  So, that word 'dura',it actually has an anatomical meaning; 'dura mater' means 'hard mother' in Latin, the Roman language, and when women receive an 'epidural' it is administered just above the pelvis to reduce pelvic pain (birth contraction pain) in the pelvis area.  So, the word 'dura' has that relation to the pelvis, and to Latin, the Roman language.  ***Isn't it funny that the word 'dura mater' means 'hard mother'?  Dura mater is the name of one of the three protective casings that encircle the spinal cord, and nerves.        

  Anyway, take a look at the images, if you feel inclined.  These things are all subjective, but maybe they were put there by God to be seen in the final times, especially through modern medical imaging technology.  I wish there was some medical imaging company that would catch an interest in this and work with me on it.  If there is anyone like that out there I would like to hear from you! 

                                                                1st plate Roma and the Pelvis            


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