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2012 A.D.:  6th Day Series:  Did God build the elements of Communion into the human face?




Or click on the thumbnail below to see drawings of the concept. 


We humans truly are fearfully and wonderfully made, and made in the image of God, and our bodies truly are a temple.  Despite that, we are hopelessly sinful, especially by heaven's standards.   Only Jesus' righteousness can save us....and so none of us should boast.  Though our design holds Holy Thoughts and Images, yet we haven't much Holiness of our own.

  But, we are like fantastically functional artwork, we humans, fashioned in clay.  The pictures we contain and bear upon our bodies are somewhat muted....but seem to clearly be there.  We could not have ever seen most of it until the age of high tech medical imaging equipment, but I believe that we can see it today.....beautiful art, a great treasure buried for 6,000 years inside of us.   Pictures of scenes and events we know of from the pages of the Bible, built into our also functional design.  It's subjective, but I believe that there is too much of it for it to be an accidental resemblance.  I truly believe God built Holy Images onto us and into us.  

 Here is a simplified look at the way you can see the wine and the 'bread' (the body of Christ) on the human face.  They are the two things that Christians partake of together during the sacrament of Communion.  Click on the thumbnail and see what you think.  Could it be intentionally placed there, or is it just imagination?

Last Supper on our face?   


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