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2013 A.D.:  Creation Testifies:  The Lion Shows the Signs!

  We are told in scripture that even the Creation testifies of Jesus, as the All Sovereign Holy Father intended it to.  I suppose that this was meant in several ways.   But, as an example, consider the Lion.  It is the King of Beasts, and Jesus is referred to as 'the Lion of the Tribe of Judah'.  It is a noble creature.  It has outlived and out survived the 'dinosaurs' during these roughly 6,000 years of creation.  Of course, so did the bunny rabbit, so we shouldn't be overly impressed with the 'dinosaur' type of fauna, although I would like to have seen them with my eyes (from a satisfactory location)  But, the Lion is a noble looking beast, a powerful large cat.  The males have the distinctive face-framing mane, almost like flames of fire perhaps. 

  But, in consideration that the Holy Scripture - God's own Word - likens Jesus to a lion, do you suppose there is anything in the appearance of a lion that would speak of Jesus, or remind us of Jesus, or perhaps even 'depict' Jesus in some manner?  I think that I see such a thing in some lions.  I think that some few male lions have a pretty well defined cross, such as Jesus was crucified upon, in the center of their forehead above their eyes.  And their nose and lips almost seem to form the shape or outline of a 'chalice', or 'cup'.  Since the 'chalice' is directly below the 'cross' of these lions' faces, it looks almost as if the chalice feature was placed where it could catch the shed blood of our Lord.  We know from the section of the Gospels which speak of the last supper that Jesus spoke about drinking a 'cup of His blood' as He shared a cup of wine with his Apostles at the last supper.  So, here is this animal likened by scripture to our Lord, and it displays in some specimens of male lion a pretty great cross shape with a pretty great chalice below the cross, with a halo of 'flames' (the lion's mane) surrounding the scene.  And the whiskers could seem almost like small rays of light emanating from the chalice.  That could be a depiction of holiness, right?  Maybe.....  

  It could be a depiction of Jesus' holiness in an animal's flesh so that men everywhere could find it that much easier to believe, and perhaps placed there as yet another proof that Yahweh was the creator, and He had Jesus in mind all along as a means through which to save the souls of all men who would be willing to accept the covenant offered through Yahweh's mercy via the willingly shed blood of His pure, powerful, and holy Son, Jesus.  Look at the pictures and see if you think it possible!

Lion's Face w/ Cross 1   Lion's Face/Cross/Chalice 2

Lion/Cross/Chalice 4 

lions signs

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