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2012 A.D.:  Green?  What's it mean?

  Green is a wonderful color, I couldn't imagine the world without it, and God used it extensively when he formed the creation.  He formed the plants before the animals, if that tells us anything.  Some of our foods are green, forests and fields are green, emeralds are green, some very pretty eyes are green.  Green belongs here on this world, and God must certainly have found it good to have made so much of it, and to have employed it so widely. 

  But, green also seems to be gaining some pretty questionable associations from a Christian viewpoint.  So many anti-Christian groups and items seem to be leaning green these days.

  Money is made to be green, in many cases, and money is the root of all evil; so scripture says.  And that idea seems to bear up well under scrutiny!  If it makes a difference, each of the American cash denominations now matches the corresponding monopoly bill denomination at the time of this writing - thank you New World Order controlled Federal Reserve.  Good luck in your bid to crush all governments and raise, from the ruins, a single government under Satanic control.  Well, OK, I admit that I didn't really mean to wish you good luck.  You will never have good luck when you oppose the plans of God as you are doing, anyway.  Ironically, even your evil hearts only beat at his allowance, and your souls, which you so casually direct towards the gaping doors of hell were a gift to you from God as well.  Shall you rule over all of the other humans?  Guess what...there is already a God who does that.  Will mighty men such as you shove Him aside and rule in His place?  Not for long.  Not for long at all. 

  There is the 'green movement', which has a good face, but a bad face also.  Making all of human activity more nature-friendly, more sustainable, more efficient is a beautiful and acheivable idea.  But....the 'one world order' guys know that we commoners are easily and gullibly drawn to support anything that proposes to do that, so they have used a pretended concern for the Earth to undergird and mask a giant powergrab over manufacturing and jobs.  It is honestly just a tool they have used to gain more control.  

  Rabidly capitalist manufacturing conglomerates are not bunny huggers or tree defenders.  They strip forests where the laws allow it, they level mountains to get at ores they need, they run sweat shops in cheap labor nations to produce their goods at rock bottom prices.  When the whole 'carbon footprint' idea was proposed, the game began to be obvous....control the location and cost of manufacturing, be able to force manufacturing to move from less profitable locations to more profitable locations because of a pretended concern for bunnies and trees.  Whenever wolves start offering you suggestions about how to better manage your sheep herd, be suspicious!  Very suspicious!  

  Corporations have taken God's good food plants and tinkered with them in any way that increased yield to the point that most crops that you drive by and see in a field literally could not reproduce themselves.  They are sterile, or essentially so.  Farmers typically must agree by contract to not hold back seed for replanting from the crops that they grow.  I've been told by a farmer friend that before they are allowed to buy the seed they contractually agree to this. normally doesn't matter.  The hybred seeds mostly cannot reproduce themselves ably anymore.   So, if a war broke out and the major seed factories were destroyed, woe to the Earth so to speak. 

  The farmers can't just gather seed from their crops and replant it.  Not in general, anyway.  Many types of foods simply wouldn't grow.  The amount of farmers that plant the old-school organic type of food seeds that are still able to regrow themselves is a pretty small fraction of the farming community, and so there would be few farmers able to grow food if major seed suppliers were suddenly taken out of the picture by any means.  Massive famine.  Apparently the 'green' corporations don't love the green food plants very much at all.  They  have worked to destroy them, in a way, as a functional God-created organism.  With the farmers almost totally dependent upon their corporation for each years new crop, the civilian populations are functionally reliant upon those same corporations as well.  If you control the food, you control the people.

  The Muslims are good people made by God, but I don't believe that their faith is a true one.  As a Christian I could not.  They see Jesus as an important prophet, but not the Son of God in the flesh, not as the only path to salvation for all men.  That is what Jesus said of Himself: salvation comes only through Him.  That was His reason for coming to Earth.  He came to teach a better covenant, then die to atone for the sins of those who would choose that covenant and follow Him.  And great miracles have followed Jesus' covenant everywhere it was taken - no other faith on Earth can claim this, though before their rejection of Jesus, the Jews could. 

  The color green is very important in the Muslim faith.  They use it in their Mosques a great deal, you often find it in Muslim nation's flags, purposely used because the color has an important association to their faith.  They believe that when you go to heaven, you will be given a green garment to wear - a green silk garment.  Here is a verse from their Koran, from Surah:

76:21 Upon them will be green Garments of fine silk and heavy brocade, and they will be adorned with Bracelets of silver; and their Lord will give to them to drink of a Wine Pure and Holy.

Christians, by contrast, believe from our scriptures that we will be given a clean white garment to wear if we are allowed to go to heaven.  Christian martyrs do not receive multiple virgins, either.  Jesus told us that there will not be marriage in heaven, nor any need of it.  And as for fornication (outside of marriage) with virgins, we have no scriptural support for that either. 

  Green energy?  Windmills are awesome, but they obviously work best when the wind blows.  You have to have some sort of steady and predictable main power plant, and then you can feather in the power from the less predictable wind mills whenever they happen to be spinning.  The same amount of money spent on elctrical appliance efficiency increases would have done far more for the Earth.  As it is, we just made a lot of wind mill manufacturers a lot of money, and that's about it.  You have to keep enough other types of electric power plants available to carry the whole load when necessary, so windmills are sort of a accessory in many applications.  Despite that, I like them.  They have to be given a way to store their enegy, though, to make them truly important.   But, they are a part of the 'green' movement that made corporations a lot of money, but didn't necessarily do much so much for the Earth or for humanity.

  Here is a funny green story.  It's about Greenland.  A major publisher - Harper Collins - produces a 'world atlas' called the 'Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World', and they apparently re-publish it in updated form about every 10 years.  The last time a new edition came out, in 2009, their pictures of Greenland showed that island with a greatly reduced ice cap, because of the runaway ravages of global warming, don't you know!  There was something like 15% less ice cap in their depiction, so there was a lot of newly exposed land showing at the edges of the island of Greenland because of this huge reduction in its ice cap.

 But, no sooner was it published that a great hullabaloo arose calling that supposed loss of icecap a hugely inflated distortion.  Some of the loudest voices of protest actually belonged to the scientific groups monitoring Greenland's ice cap.  The publisher protested, but the protestors persisted, the matter was looked into more closely, and it was found that there was around a .1% change in the icecap during the preceding 10 year period, that the shoreline had not undergone anything like the changes depicted in the drawing, and that the whole change was, in essence, fabricated almost completely by someone upon whom the publisher relied to provide them with the geographical outlines of the various land masses in their World Atlas. 

  A .1% reduction of the Greenland ice cap, not a 15% reduction!  Huge difference.

  The publishers, in what seemed to be sincere contrition concerning the mistake, withdrew the publication to make the indicated changes.

  But here's the interesting question...someone drew the erroneous map, showing bays where they had not been, hills and mountains, new isthmuses projecting out into ocean that had once been covered by ice, etc.  These details were drawn entirely from imagination.  They were not uncovered by receding ice cap...they were still covered by ice (mostly....there was some ice cap retreat, but it had been exaggerated by about 150 times the actual).  Who was told to produce such a map, and why?  Which wildly off base (fictitious?) reference map was used?  From what well meaning source could it have conceivably have come?  It had to be a purposeful forgery on someone's part.   

  I think that the word  'green' is involved with something large and bad that is afoot, from a Christian perspective.  The word 'green' is being used as a cloaking device by the 'one world order' people, and it's not fair.  It's a nice color!! 

  Adam and Eve tried to cover their sin - their nakedness - with fig leaves, which are GREEN.  God was not having it, and gave them animal skin clothing to wear.  God provided the animal skin clothing.  And here we are, so many thousand years from then, and the battle to take care of humanity's shortfalls and conceal its problems is still between GREEN, and a LIVING SACRIFICE (of which Jesus was the true enfigurement).  And we know that God will only accept one of those two solutions.  He made that plain before, back in the Garden of Eden. 

  Have you ever noticed that when they paint Satan tempting Eve, he's always hiding out in the middle of a nice green tree?  Green is a good color for him to hide in, I guess. 

  Who was envious of the highest position in heaven?  Satan.  And how do we describe someone that is envious?  "They were green with envy!"  It may be accidental, but it fits in some ways!    




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