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2012 A.D.:  Does Russia Look Like An Alert Bear, Laid Out And Watching?

  Russia has been called the 'Russian Bear' for a long time, so I guess they are happy enough with the moniker.  But maybe there is something to it.  Russia has a lot of large bears in its wilder regions. 

  It is a big strong nation....bears are big strong animals.  Bears hibernate in the cold regions.  Few places are colder than Russia.  Bears are alert for opportunities.  Russia is a quiet seeming nation that suddenly springs to action at bears do.  Russia keeps a close eye on European politics and has had it's ups and downs with Europe over the centuries.  The 'bear shape' that I think Russia sort of has (and I admit that this is totally subjective) has the head of the bear near to Scandinavia, with it's face pretty close to Finland, just seeming to keep a strategic eye on things.  These are a few reasons why the 'bear' idea actually seems to work for Russia.  See what you think!  Click on the thumbnail.

The Russian Bear

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