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1999 A.D.:  For Terrorists, Timing Is Everything

  For a small group of Palestinian terrorists planning to blow up a couple of cars and, most importantly, whichever Israeli Jews might be in the vicinity of those exploding cars, timing was definately an issue.

  The Israeli national version of the change from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time was structured to occur a little differently than it usually did.  It was scheduled to occur earlier than normal to accommodate the Jewish population in some pre-dawn prayer to God that was going on that week, as part of the Jewish religion.  Many West Bank Palestinians objected to going along with this pre-mature change, which seemed to only serve the ends of the Jewish part of the Israeli population.  They decided to do the bi-annual change at the normal time.  And so, for a short time, Israel was a nation not all on the same clock. 

  Car bombs were manufactured by these certain Palestinian terrorists, and their digital detonation clocks set there in the West Bank, which was on the usual Daylight Savings Time schedule.  Then the bombs were transferred to terrorists who lived within the boundaries of, and set their watches by, areas within the unusually altered Jewish time zone areas.  

  The small group of Palestinian terrorists on the Jewish side received the bombs from their Palestinian partners that lived in the West Bank.  As their West Bank partners in crime handed over the bombs they probably said something like "They are set to explode at 08:00 A.M.", or something similar.  Then the non-West Bank guys departed to go park their two bomb-bearing cars at the locations they had selected - cars intended to kill random unlucky Jews who would be engulfed in the explosions.  They would park the deadly automobiles and then leave.  They would be able to learn how it went later, by watching the news stations reports about their deadly work.

  They had apparently set the car bombs to explode fairly shortly after their originally intended parking time.  I suppose if a car sits too long, people might get suspicious, or maybe the empty car will even be towed.

  However, as they drove, the little clocks built into the bombs reached their pre-set activation time - but unfortunately for the terrorists, based on the Jewish time change schedule - an hour earlier than the time the Jerusalem-side terrorists saw on their watches.  

  Two different cars on their way to be parked so that they could cause indiscriminate death among God's chosen people suddenly blew up, with the terrorists still in the car.  End result:  three dead terrorists, two terminally damaged cars, and a botched car bombing attempt.

  Yes, of course it can be chalked up to coincidence.   But isn't it time we just attributed these sorts of things to God?  High time indeed!  There are just way too many times that the Jews receive these amazingly unlikely rescues from their enemies. 

  There are about 8,700 hours in a year.  Usually, only four of them are literally involved with the time change itself, right?  Two hours are altered when you enter Daylight Savings time.  Two hours are altered when you go back to Standard time, about six months later.  So, what are the odds of two cars rigged to explode happening to get swept up in the time change at exactly the necessary time to kill the killers, and save the intended victims?  It was a mix up involving time, politics, and religion.    

  What are the chances?  God knows.  He's awfully good at math.

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