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1910 A.D.:  GeoProphecy?:  Enter the Komodo Dragon?

  There are two possible Geo-Prophecy instances that involve the area north of Australia, in the Indonesian Islands, and also Vanuatu, which is more to the west nearer Fiji and Samoa.

  I can't remember where I first heard the term Geo-Prophecy, but I don't know that I invented it.  I think I saw something labeled that way once.  But the idea of it is this:  Did God create certain features of the Earth - such as the islands or the lakes or the continents - such that they had symbolic meanings, or were actually made to point out great or pivotal future events?  Did God use the land masses to 'paint pictures' here and there?  Or is it more like seeing shapes in the clouds? 

  I've found a few places on our planet that I thought were candidates for GeoProphecy, so I'll include them so that you can take a look, compare what you see to real maps, etc., and see if you thing that GeoProphecy might be for real.  But one thing that's for's very speculative and very subjective.  I'm trying to only include examples that seem to have quite a lot going for them in supportive fact and detail, but I'll be the first to admit.....there's a lot of room for error here.

  Still, I have to also admit that I am now more or less a believer, though I probably will be a tougher sell on those examples that others think they can see on the map.  But, that's unavoidable!  We all like our own pet theories better, don't we?  At least at first.

  Possible Geo-Prophecy region Celebes / Sulewasi:

 Sulewasi or old Celebes

  North west of Australia, south east of Malaysia, there are a group of islands where, in the year 1910 A.D. some sources say, Dutch sailors began to report that a creature something like a dragon seemed to be inhabiting the beaches of a certain small and obscure island called Komodo.  Some of the earliest reports said that it breathed fire. 

  Naturally there were local people to whom this came as no surprising news, the creature having been part of their local fauna for as long as anyone could remember.  But one of the qualities of Europeans seems to be that we somehow feel we discovered a thing even if everyone else in the world had previously known of it.  It's the excitement of discovery, I guess.  Maybe other peoples do that as well?  And a certain plageuristic streak lurks in our European genome, perhaps.

  Well financed explorer types soon mounted an expedition, went ashore, and confirmed that indeed there was a pretty darn big lizard that lived on that island.  An unknown type that, while fire-free and unable to fly, could weigh over 300 pounds and be over 10 foot long.  And it had large gobs of slobber hanging from it's mouth quite often.  And is reportedly able to run at about 30 mph when it attacks.  Locals claim it is essentially fearless, though it has become somewhat tolerant of local guides and generally is not agressive towards them.  Still, they carry a stout forked stick to ward them off when necessary.  

  It sometimes attacks animals and kills them directly.  But it has atrocious amounts of harmful bacteria in it's mouth, so it can also run up and bite an ox or a goat and, if it's prey escapes, it can just stalk it until it dies of infection.  It can and has killed and eaten men.

  Komodo Picture

   They shot a few for scientific examination, and they eventually called it the Komodo Dragon!  Some hailed it as a surviving dinosaur.

  This discovery didn't 'drive the death nail into evolution's coffin' exactly.  But it gave proponents of evolution a finding that seemed to require some explanation.  With so many islands so close to Komodo, how is it that in oh so many millions of years there had been no migration from one island to another such that many islands had this animal.  And if it was a dinosaur, how had it outlived other dinosaurs by 50 or 60 million years.  It certainly posed a question that was not too readily answered!  

  Komodo Dragons are a protected species now.  Otherwise they could be very quickly wiped out by hunters or specimen collectors.  Even with only spears or bows and arrows they could easily be exterminated in only a few years.  So how had they lasted so long if men had been traveling around for 100,000 years or so, occupying these islands?  It was hard to make sense of it.  Komodo was not a very big island.  Could the Earth perhaps not be very old, as the Bible claims?  Read literally (as it basically should always be!) the Bible places this planet at about the 6,000 year mark.

  Anyway, it is a second oddity that there is an island called Sulewasi (formerly Celebes) which resembles this Komodo Dragon somewhat when the island is seen from the air, and it is located directly north of the Island of Komodo. Was that God's way of saying "OK, let's see you explain this, you who are so wise in your own minds!!"?  It's obviously only speculation, but take a look, and look at a real map, and see what you think.  But this is only one of 2 potential GeoProphecies in this account.  The other possible Geo-prophecy instance is below, so don't forget to come back and look at it if you are so inclined.

  Click this thumbnail to see the Sulewasi / Komodo Dragon connection.  Maybe you'll agree it's possible, and maybe you'll disagree:

                        Sulewasi Komodo Dragon thumbnail  

  Now, on to possible GeoProphecy instance number 2.  

  I saw an island that I thought looked somewhat like a pointing hand, and the island of Cyprus taught me to look out for those.  (That's also on this site, but not on this account.)  So I dug and delved for a while, and I think that I may have found something pretty interesting.  Papua New Guinea looks like the pointing hand to me.  But, if so, what was the finger pointing at?  I went to a couple of different maps to try to see where it was most directly pointing, and it was a toss-up between a couple of islands.  There are a lot of islands in that area of the world!!  But, more and more it seemed like Vanuatu was the most in line.  So, since I was just a little light on my Vanuatu knowledge, I read about it for a while.  All I really noticed at first is how many of it's place names and Republic mottos have a holy nature to them, which I thought spoke well of them.  But, there was something else that I eventually came across!!

There was an important law - a somewhat epic law that ended a 1,910 year dry spell of sorts - passed in Jerusalem on the same day that Vanuatu became a republic!  Maybe there's a connection. 

Overhead of Coral Sea Area

   Vanuatu Islands

  Now, click on the thumbnail below if you like, and read about the possible GeoProphecy connection.

                      Vanuatu and the Jerusalem Law   

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