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Why Educators Won't Scrap Evolution On Their Own

  It is now apparent that there are most likely no transitional fossils. Evolution predicted that the fossil record would contain fossils showing the evolutionary changing of a creature's form as new phylums, classes, orders, families, genuses, and species developed. A sequence of transitional fossils showing a creature type (species) changing from 'not having wings' to 'having wings' would have gone far to prove EVOLUTION as a theory. Or the growing of legs, or the development of feathers, the sequential development of eyes. Any of those would have sufficed, as would many other such alterations.

  Scientists sometimes call the 'transitional fossil' the 'Holy Grail' of Paleontology. Everyone seeks it. No one has found it. They should be everywhere, yet they seem to be no where.

  To put it in perspective, all of the scientists from all of the colleges, universities, and museums, searching all of the known fossil beds in all of the countries on all of the continents of the Earth have never even once found so much as a single transitional fossil skeleton anywhere at any time in all these years since Evolution was proposed as the Godless process through which created living things have come to exist.

  Evolution therefore seems to have the worst track record of any theory ever proposed and still extant. It has struck out every time it has ever been to bat. It has never scored. It has failed to prove itself in every single case and at every given opportunity. It is perhaps the most gigantic failure of all widely espoused intellectual theories in all of human history. Rewards of $250,000.00 for a series of transitional fossils have gone uncollected - apparently no one has had the ability to collect them. Amazing as it sounds, it seems there have been no transitional fossils ever found.  Is anyone anywhere seriously claiming they've found a transitional skeleton of a creature?  I can't find evidence of any such claim having survived the scientific peer review process.  All such claims thus far were eventually debunked by other scientists.   

  So, given the titanic absurdity of this theory's continued existence, what do you think your children are being taught when they go to school? Chances are that they are taught EVOLUTION.

  What are they teaching at public colleges right now? You guessed it: EVOLUTION.

  So, why are Godless academics still writing textbooks about evolution and why do Godless public colleges still teach it? I think there is only one real reason, and we can probably all, knowing the dark side of human nature, understand it.

  To begin explaining with an example, we've heard of pharmaseutical companies that have invested nearly their entire bank roll on some new super drug that will make them gazillions, right? Then, prior to its release they find out there is a problem with the drug. It has a side affect, let us say, that will prevent it from being released if the regulatory agencies learn about it. So now the pharmaseutical company knows that it will lose everything - everyone will lose their job, the company will go bankrupt - if the word gets out. So, what do they do? They bury the evidence against them and come out with the drug. They do what they need to to survive, and who cares who it hurts.

  That's the sort of dastardly plot that will show up in television dramas or Scooby Doo episodes. But it portrays a natural human response to a gigantic group failure. The need to save face at any cost is a somewhat inherant flaw in humanity. God teaches against pride, and understandably so. What has caused more evil on this planet? Either pride, jealousy, or covetousness has been responsible for the most, I would guess. That's totally arguable, but anyway...

  So how does this apply to education? Like this:  textbooks are written by scholars, usually professors with Doctoral degrees. Scholars have eminence, professional reputations, their life's work, their long argued and well known position on various topics within their fields, their intellectual body of published work. These are things which mark the worth of a scholar, the impact of a scholar. It is by such as these that their peers (and hopefully the history books) will measure them.  Imagine an interview like the following: 

  "How great a scholar are you, Professor?"

  "How great a scholar am I, you ask? Well, I don't know if I would say I was great at all! I suppose if I was asked to list my acheivements of note I could mention a few honors I have gratefully received from my peers. My text on the multitudinous affects of EVOLUTION on species survival, for instance. It is used in more universities than any other work, they tell me, and is the most commonly cited. I drew heavily from my Doctoral Thesis when preparing it, and it has been very warmly received. I've received offers to lecture on the topic at universities around the world, and I'm now a tenured professor at Godbegone University - the youngest professor ever to receive that honor. I don't say that makes me great, of course, not by any means, but I suppose that these are the accomplishments by which my colleagues best know me."


  All right, so that was just an imaginary (and unfairly overplayed) little straw man dialogue, but you can kind of see how this professor wouldn't care to have EVOLUTION turn out to be the most ludicrous and ridiculous garbage theory of all time, right? He has a lot invested in the survival of EVOLUTION as a theory. He has staked his entire reputation on it.

  Well, that's how it is. That's as simple as it is right there. There is a Satan, and we could suppose he is likely thrilled that the theory of EVOLUTION exists, as billions of children have been raised up in the belief that 'creation by God' is a fairy tale that well meaning but misguided Christians and Jews teach their children.  And Muslims as well, now that I think of it.  That's why I would guess Satan probably loves it. But as for our colleges for why they continue on with it .....they are just very very heavily invested in it.

  The great and eminent men and women of science are going to look like foolish misleaders on the day that Evolution is officially declared the dumbest farce of all time - if they've espoused the theory, that is.  Not all scientists do.  And it's worth mentioning that a scientist who has espoused Evolution could do no finer thing as a testimony to God and his fellow man than to make a full and unqualified public renouncement and apology for this impudence they have displayed (and taught others to display) towards their Maker. 

  God made every man and women with love and consideration.  He apparently wished us all to love and appreciate Him as children in His family.  Never the less, His standards must somehow be met, or our guilt forgiven through Jesus wherever we fail in that.  Certainly no 'God denying' scientist is out of reach of God's forgiveness, just as no other sort of sinner is (barring those who 'mock the Holy Spirit'.)  But, as with all sinners, the scientist who perceives that he has gone down a wrong path (directed others down it also) simply must face the small but open door that God provided through Jesus.  They must openly admit their error, not strategically shift their position to some more defensible God denying position.  And they should force themselves to do it even though their peers might scourge them and their friends abandon them. 

  Sinners need to repent of our wrongs to our God and our Redeemer, and we need to submit to the humbling we need to go through at God's hands so that we can become a useful person in God's kingdom through the rebuilding teachings of His Son, the Lord Jesus.

  In every single person's life pride simply has to die sometime; pride may pose as the proper self esteem of the deserving, but it is actually a type of spiritual parasite that would rather kill its host than suffer eviction.

  Just think of the things that stem from pride....  

  Did any Communist governments come racing forward to declare their Communist Ideology a terrible failure when it first became evident that this was the case? Hardly!! They rode their poor nations into the ground, put their people through unreasonable hardship and suffering, sometimes starvation - what ever it took to keep from admitting that everything they were based on was an abject failure. They told whatever lie they needed to in order to remain in power. They stubbornly refused to admit what their eyes - what everyone's eyes also - could see. And Lord help the Cabinet officer who had an attack of conscience and broke with the group to admit that they were all in silly denial - that their government was a failure. Many such were drug off and shot in the head at night. People protect their turf. Even if the turf is kind of evil.

  Do oil companies really buy patents just to keep various alternatives to petroleum from making it to the market? Heck yes. Isn't that bad for our planet, bad for the ecology? Yes. But it's good for the oil business. People protect their turf. Even if it means being kind of evil.

  Consider the sports hero - a legend - somone who has set records like no one else ever did, only now at the end of their storied career they are accused of - you guessed it - using 'steroids'......doping!  What are they faced with?  Having all that they ever accomplished be forgotten and erased because of one bad choice.  And besides - wasn't everyone else doing it too?  Only everyone else didn't have such a big name, so regulators didn't go after the others.  They came after the sports hero.  So now, their choice looks like this:  Confess, and probably lose everything you ever worked for.  Or lie, beat the rap, and enter the record book on top, like you have dedicated your whole life to doing.  Which will they choose?  Some will choose to lie.  They've worked hard and now they've got turf to protect, they say to themselves, and they're not going down without a golly, they are going to protect their legacy. 

  Do they know lying is wrong?  Yes, but you have to weigh things against each other, right?  If you don't protect your turf, who will?  (Now don't misunderstand.  It's always better to not lie.  A lie is an evil act.  But we're sinful, and some of us will lie.  I've lied.  And I really am ashamed of all of my lies I've ever told.  But will I ever lie again?  I hope not, but I definately am full of sin, so I might.  Is that O.K.?  No, not even a little bit O.K.!!  Jesus showed that a man can be sinless in speech and action.  In fact, I may have met ordinary people that never lied.  But as for me, I might lie again.  I know I have to always gaurd against it.) 

  Do college professors realize that a lack of transitional fossils pretty well seals the fate of EVOLUTION as a theory? Don't they see that there is definately enough evidence against it that it should no longer be taught? Yes. Of course they see.  But people protect their turf, even if it means being kind of evil. Better to spiritually murder the young people passing through their care than to confess to the horrible blunder they are a part of. 

  Professors that despise what's going on may still feel they dare not break from their faculty peers at their prestigious university and declare that it is all poppycock. They would be declaring that those of their colleagues were misguided, mistaken, etc., when they built their reputation by emitting vast, mighty, and illuminating thoughts and insights concerning the grand science of Evolution. Since there really wasn't such a thing as Evolution, their colleague's teachings were actually erroneous and fictitious wastes of air. But saying such a thing could obviously be professional suicide for whichever professor stood up for what is right.

  Don't get me wrong. They should stand up against it anyway! We are a logical and reasonable people. We should be teaching what is true at our schools, reputations not even being considered. Theories are a necessary part of science. It's not evil to advance a theory. But once it has failed conclusively to pass muster, it should be removed from the table. Evolution has definately failed to pass muster. It has been unable by any means to prove itself an active or even once existent process.

  To make an analogy, the proponents of this terrible farce are all riding a big old bus called EVOLUTION. They all have a good seat on the bus, and it is a comfortable bus. They all have friends and a place there on the EVOLUTION bus. They bought a ticket, and they are supposed to be able to ride until their retirement. They simply have no graceful and dignified way what so ever to get off of the bus, and as mentioned, it's a pretty comfortable bus, even if it's based on a premise now proven to be garbage.  And besides, would another bus take them once it saw their resume?  I can picture that interview:

    "OK, let's see here ..... you are applying to be allowed onto our bus.  So what's your previous bus history?  Let me look here ..... Oh my gosh!  Your only previous bus experience was on the Evolution Bus?!?  Isn't that the bus that never actually ran the whole time since it was manufactured?  Isn't that the one everyone just sits on, and fake scenery scrolls by the windows?"

  "So let me get this want a job sitting on our bus and writing travel brochures based on the scenery you see out the window, and yet the last time you did that - for 25 years it says you stayed with the job - you wrote brochures about the scenery you saw out the window on a bus that actually wasn't even moving?  And the scenery was fake...I mean think of it:  you wrote travel brochures to guide others, and you weren't even traveling.  You never traveled at all!  I'm sorry, but I just don't think we can use you." 

  And so, Parents, your children will probably continue to be taught delusions that will effectively work to persuade them that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are part of a fairy tale. That will probably go on until such time as angry parents start going to school board meetings and demanding that the grand theory of evolution should explain the glaring lack of transitional fossils or else be disposed of immediately, else their child shall not attend a publically funded school that purposely teaches what is already known - even by many of its authors - to be a blatant falsehood.

  There are way way way more than enough Christian parents in this nation to convince every school board in every school district, if they would only show up and speak on behalf of their God and their child.  It's largely Christians who pay the taxes that fund the schools which train Christian children to jeer at God and Jesus as fables.  Consider that!?!  Have we been taken, or what?

  It really is going to take something along the lines of a firm insistance by a Christian population to change things.  And Christians have every right - and perhaps an outright obligation - to say something like: 

  "My God instructs me to respect the authorities placed over me in this world, until they direct me to reject, slander, or offend my God and my Savior, or Their teachings.  At that point I am commanded to stay on my Lord's path no matter where your's may wander.  And I can plainly show that you have chosen to teach as truth a theory that is in outright opposition to my God, and you stubbornly continue teaching it despite that this theory has never actually passed muster - and does not at this juncture bear up credibly under the growing mass of the evidence against it.  Repeatedly, findings uncovered while digging more deeply into the way living organisms function and inter-relate have led to the conclusion - even by many top level scientists - that the complexity of it all is simply mind boggling - honestly just too complex to have occurred by chance. " 

"Can we truly trust that 'Random Chance' (evolution's 'deity', if you will) could successfully envision a need for life in the first place, and then get through that whole mental challenge of developing the first simple living cell?  Can we believe that 'Random' conceived and acheived his way through the planning and fabrication stage; that he managed to coordinate, sequence, and oversee the production of the hundreds of necessary materials that go into the internals and exterior of a cell?" 

"Did 'Random' develope the genetic codes first?  I mean, you gotta have a plan, right?  And you have to communicate your plan somehow.  Did he come up with the language?  Did he have that big 'aha' moment when he realized that C, T, G, and A could be used like an alphabet to store the instructions and design specs needed to create, interconnect, activate, assess status, and then regulate the monumentally intricate cell organelles that made his bio-device operate?  And maintain itself?  And reproduce itself?  And supply itself with the raw materials needed for maintaining itself and repairing itself, and reproducing itself?  And transporting its own waste products back out to the environment?"

"Did 'Random' do an enviromental impact study in reverse?  You know .....walk down the environment in which he intended this 'Adam' of the cell world to live in, to make sure it wouldn't adversely affect his cell.  Did he make sure that the Ph levels, salinity, temperatures, water chemistry, lighting levels, trace mineral content, and that sort of thing were 'within the allowable tolerances'?  Or did the Adam cell originate in the dirt?  A soil environment could pose similar dangers to 'Random's' creation.  He could end up with a 'fair Adam cell in distress' if everything in the environment wasn't pretty 'cell friendly!!'  I know one thing: 'Random' could not easily have been lucky enough to design his cell just right unless he had a pretty good idea what sort of enviromental stresses and conditions it was going to face."

"When you start to consider all of the possible show stoppers that poor 'Random Chance' had to search for, recognize, assess, then accomodate or circumvent through the marvelous and foresightful design plan of the first humble cell he begot, it is no wonder that we find him today in such an exhausted state that he can't seem to make a flipped nickel come up 'heads' 10 times in a row.  It was truly a pyrrhic victory for 'Random Chance'.  He sits today like the 90 year old former heavyweight boxing champion at the old folks home.  When you look and try to picture his former glory it's just know......hard!" 

  For a long time Christians have believed that since the occupation generally referred to as 'scientist' is mostly peopled by the sorts of people that did the best in school, the ones that had higher grade point averages than us, then we probably better believe what they tell us about everything - not just science.  And this sometimes works out to be true.  But for whatever reason, scientists replace the knowledge of God and Jesus with the idea that 'Random Chance' brought about life, and then life kept reinventing itself until we find it in its present state.

  That's wrong, and it's a spiritually deadly deception.  But content yourself with this if you want:  science has been able to accomplish some amazing things using God's materials and the rules by which God governs those materials.  But God and Jesus can do the unexplainable.  And they always have been able to.  You, as a Christian, belong to the One who can do both the explainable, and the unexplainable.  And we have been told what to believe as truth by this same Mighty One.  

  Though the average Christian might be less academic than the average scientist, the source of knowledge that the Christians turn to is a higher source.  We turn to the words of the One who created Christian and scientist alike.  We take faith in the words of God and the teachings of God's Son, Jesus, the only redeemer that any man or woman will ever have.  (So claimed Jesus, and in all else He was reliable, so on what grounds could we doubt Him in this particular claim?)

  If Christians, in mass, demand that schools quit teaching Evolution unless they can show the evidence that the process exists (and there ought to be mountains of evidence, not some small purported speck of evidence) then one thing is for certain:  they won't be trotting out the evidence for inspection.  Even scientists know that it's just not there. 



    I personally believe that realizing how many great deeds of God have actually occurred through out history will lead some people to be saved giving their life to Christ.  If you agree, then please, take the time to be a 'missionary', to love your neighbor enough to care about their soul.  Please mention and recommend visiting the Deeds of God website on any social media sites that you belong to.  Tell a favorite account to your friends or family, and tell them where you read it.  To know God is to stand in awe of Him, but too few people know Him today.  Accounts like these are yet another way to come to know Jesus and the Holy Father, and the Spirit of Truth that helps us understand.  Thank you.  Dan Curry


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