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2011 A.D.:  Extra Faces On Our Skull?

  The scriptures say we are made in the image of God.  So, the '6th day series' of accounts on the Deeds of God website explores some of the ways that of heavenly things...may be built into our structure. It's speculative, it's subjective, but I've begun to think that there are too many things inside of us that look suspiciously holy for it all to be accidental.  So, while I believe it likely that some of these speculations are just imaginings, some may be 'pictures' or 'images' placed there by God!

  In this instance, I think it looks like there may be face-like images elsewhere on our skull.  My drawing has the 'eyes' being much darker on the back of the skulll than they actually are.  They are just shallow dished out areas.  But the shape I've drawn is about right, and the placement is about right.  And to me, there is a suggestion of eyes there.   See what you think!  Do a search on the internet for nuchal lines.  You'll see that this is about how other illustrators have shown them - I'm just not as artistically talented. 

  Click on thumbnail image below to view 'extra faces'.  You can reduce the size of the image, after you click the thumbnail, using the plus and minus buttons on tool bar at top of the main image page.   

                                                                                 Extra Faces On Our Skull?

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