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2011 A.D.: 6th Day Series:  Is the body of a human designed to be a chronometer of sorts?

  There are also '6th Day Series' videos on YouTube. 

  In the Book of Daniel, Chapter 2, Nebuchadnezzar has a bad dream in which a large man-shaped statue made of different metals frightens him.  It is destroyed by a stone flying down from above, having broken off of a mountain.  The fragments blow away like dust.  Then the stone grows and grows until it takes up the entire world. 

  Daniel the Prophet tells Nebuchadnezzar the dream's meaning:  The statue's gold head and neck is Nebuchadnezzar's kingdom, which was unparalleled in its time. (Babylon)  But the figure's silver chest and arms represented the kingdom that would succeed his kingdom. (the Medes and the Persians)  And the bronze belly and thighs represented the kingdom that would succeed that one.  (the Greek empire)  And then a terrible iron kingdom would come (Rome) where the legs were, and iron would continue on down, then way at the bottom were feet of iron intermingled with patches of clay. 

  (Daniel did not name the kingdoms, by the way...the words in parenthesis are mine, and name the kingdoms that fulfilled the explanation, though Daniel did not specifically name them.) 

  So, obviously in this one isolated example, it appears that a human shape was - as we travel from head to toe - supposed to represent the succession of empires from Daniel's and Nebuchadnezzar's own time (the early 6th century B.C when Babylon was mighty) to at least the time of Jesus when the Roman Empire was great and still undivided. 

  But just as the body of a man divides into 2 legs as you move downward, so also Rome divided into an Eastern and Western Empire, under Constantine in the 300's A.D.  And the Roman Empire centered in Rome basically ended in about the 450's A.D., with the last Emperors of Rome, which I would suggest might perhaps mark the lowest point of the pelvis. 

  The knees are the next major feature, I would speculate, and might well mark a major event.  The church and the empires were roughly one at this point.   So knees might represent the time of that split of the church in the mid 11th century, when the Eastern and Western Christian church split apart formally. might also mark 1492 A.D. when the Jews were expelled from Spain and when Columbus sailed to America, marking a European discovery of the New World. 

  Or the knees might mark other and different things, or nothing at all. 

  Anyway, this is posted as something to mull over.  I suspect that when the proper measurments are found, we will find that our body's proportions, while necessary for function, also do a good job of marking major events.  So, others can ponder it if they wish, and maybe notice things that will provide a key to understanding this 'chronometer' idea on a more exact level, if indeed it is something that God did design into us at all.  It is mostly speculation, but...I personally suspect that there is something true and amazing hidden there...that our bodies really are a rough chronometer that mark major spiritual historical events pretty closely.  I posted a '6th day' article about Rome and the pelvis which shows how a possible picture of communion - the sharing of blessed bread - is built into our bodies in the pelvic area, an area which corresponds to the time of Jesus our Lord's ministry; it is placed just where it ought to be in that respect.  And our 10 toes are in the correct location to correlate with the prophesied 10 end time kings, as another possible instance.  So, it is a possibility, strange though it may sound, that the design of mans' fleshly being is a functional body for us to live in, yes, yet also a prophetic representation of what God saw coming in the history of man as His plan for us unfolded.  Only our God and Maker could achieve such a thing, if indeed it is real as I believe it just may be.  



                                                                                   Man as Chronometer



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