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2012 A.D.:  Could Voting Democrat Cost You Your Soul?

  Here is a suggestion to consider, and the impact of what you decide could be - might be - severe to the most extreme degree:

  It could cost you your soul to vote Democrat.  It really and truly could!  They publicly - though in veiled and deceitful language - promote so many things that God calls wicked, while all but publicly stating that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are just another God myth.  They truly promote the tenets of evil to a degree that simply cannot be hidden.  Judged by scripture, I doubt any political party would shine brightly, perhaps not at all, but judged by scripture, the Democrats have some party planks that show them to be in full and slavish embracement of evil, and in open defiance of God's plans for mankind. 

  Any political party, once voted into power, might do something that God would not tolerate, something that God would be furious about.  In that respect, the respect that you can never say for sure what unexpected thing a political party might decide to do, to approve, to legislate into law, that respect all political parties might set off on a course that God would become angry at to an extreme degree.  One is as risky as the next, as pertaining to unseen changes of course, or actions taken in opposition to their originally stated intentions.

  But, political parties also have 'planks'.  Their party planks are roughly the political equivalent to a religious denomination's tenets of faith.  Your party planks describe the ideas that your party holds near and dear.  It describes your goals, your thoughts, and what you hold to be worth defending, among other things.

  Once, 50 or 60 years ago, the Democratic Party was more or less the party of the common, every day, not rich and not overly influential man.  A party that wanted to help the little guy.  Many Americans viewed it that way, at least. 

  Today the Democratic Party, in my opinion, draws their strength from promising protection, or political cover, to various groups that would otherwise - by other parties - be seen in as highly negative groups or causes.  In fact, from a Christian point of view, the Democrats essentially offer cover and support for groups that can only be viewed, from the Bible's viewpoint, as dedicated evil-doers (in at least one area of behavior or practice).  To make a long story short, and just say it plainly, while the other parties may not be very Godly in particular, they can not really be characterized as being officially opposed to God and His expectations for humans.  But, the Democratic Party, though they do not openly state that they are opposed to the Christian God, have officially taken a number of positions that plainly qualify as being just that. 

  They vigorously oppose officially teaching in public schools that Jesus is the Lord, that he is God's Son, here in this largely Christian land.  They hate speaking the word abortion, which is the killing of a developing human in the womb, but they ardently support the continuation of the practice, and use the sterilized and idiotically misleading phrase 'woman's health care' to refer to the process, and then they defend it tooth and nail.  That they know it to be a wicked and hateful practice is made clear by the furiosity with which they work to make sure it is not referred to openly as 'unborn baby murder' or something similar.   But yet, knowing quite well that it is exactly that, they push and push to get the votes of those who practice the grisly rite - or wish it readily available - by promising that it is 'woman's health care', and that they will always defend it under that reasonable sounding characterization.  Of course about 1/2 of the murdered humans (about 25 million little women in total so far, I believe) were female. 

  Those who vote Democrat almost universally are aware that only the strength of the Democratic Party allows this Satanic butchery to continue.  So, in voting Democrat they add their strength to the Democrat agenda, and become direct accomplices in those things that the Democratic Party is openly committed to.

  Isn't it obvious to God that you were willing to see developing babies that He Himself designed be destroyed in the womb?  You voted for those who belonged to a political party dedicated to that optional destruction of such developing humans, among other things.

  So, with certain 'Biblical evils', if only one party supports them, and you vote for that party willingly and while informed of their intentions, are you not fairly and honestly an accessory to that 'Biblical crime', and do you not commit an affront to God and a crime against your own soul?

  So, I am suggesting that the difference between Democrat and other political parties is not the same as if you like one sports team, and your brother likes another.  They are not friendly rivals.  They are not, by any means, two similar and essentially compatable options.  They are - Biblically speaking - the anti-Jesus / anti-God party v.s. whatever the other parties are.

  It is not Chocolate v.s. Caramel in a taste test.  It is more like Chocolate and Hemlock v.s. Caramel in a taste test.  Some Democratic Planks may be pretty unobjectionable (like Chocolate) but some of their others may categorize them as a political party that no Christian dare lend support to!  (Essentially, Hemlock to our soul.)

  So, remember, on our day of judgement, we probably won't be able to say "I'd like to go back and change my actions."  If you are aware that there is great evil - from God's point of view - being promulgated or supported by the Democratic Party...openly and unashamedly....then you are buying into that evil when you vote to place them in power in our land. 

  So, do what you want, but don't mistakenly imagine that it won't count against you.  I'm betting that such things will count against us all.  I am guilty of some such things.  But I do fear to have my soul sent to hell for all of eternity, and so I try to lend my strength to no evil things by any means.  If you fear judgement, I think you have to look at it like that, don't you?  You only get the one chance to be saved.  You are judged, and then that is it.  Presently, we have neither the door into heaven nor the stinking, smoking open mouth of the tunnel leading to hell standing near to us to be looked at.  But on the day we do, I am utterly certain that we do not want to be a known accomplice to the openly intended Godless practices and beliefs held by the present-day Democrat Party.  

  How can anyone - today - be both a Christian and a Democrat in America?  Are they not mutually exclusive, completely and without any sound basis for objection? 

  So, even if you feel you have to not vote at all, I think that we must not cast a vote for those who openly oppose God and Christ as all in all, because that is what They said They were....not an option, but the reality...and we must reject such groups as declare that man should choose his own laws to live by rather than abide by the thoughts, teachings, and laws of God.  Such was Nimrod.  Such was Herod.  Such is Satan.  Once Satan has us fully divorced from God and Christ and the Holy Spirit, it will astonish us, I think, to see the rate of our social decay into an evil so desperately deep that no person of any party...will want to live in it.  But by then, the power to vote ourself back into a better situation will have been taken away.  And by then there will probably be little hope for the souls of those who chose such a world. 


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